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Top 3 Neighborhoods for NYC Millennials

Doris Benitez
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New York is an incredible city full of life, adventure and opportunity. As a young millennial, you can still live near Midtown without having to pay an arm and a leg. Here are our top 3 suggestions for you to check out:

Washington Heights, Manhattan

Average 1 bed apartment rent: $1750

Average room rental: $985

Only 30 minutes away from Midtown, Washington Heights is a lively area with restaurants, bars, grocery stores and lush parks. With a strong Latin influence, this neighborhood is the perfect bike-friendly place for you to begin your New York adventure this year.

Concourse, the Bronx

Average 1 bed apartment rent: $1,325

Average room rent: $850

Hey, who wouldn’t want to be close to the good ol’ Yankee Stadium?

This historic district will offer you affordable apartments with spacious rooms in its prewar buildings (equipped with modern elevators, don’t worry!) The lack of skyscrapers give life to plenty of fresh air and light to stream throughout the streets as its folks enjoy a game of Dominoes and their kids cycle around freely.

With an abundance of restaurants, bars and a movieplex, you can check out the Harlem night scene as it’s a short bike ride away.

Sunset Park, Brooklyn

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Average 1 bed apartment: $1,775

Average room rent: $900

With convenient transport links and great cycling tracks, you’ll never be too far from Midtown. This area is full of nightlife, bars, restaurants and artisanal events that’ll allow you to meet fresh faces and network.

The best part? Affordable rent in beautiful apartments!

Best of luck in your apartment hunt!

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