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  • Midtown Gallery
    Administrative Assistant
    Administrative Assistant
    20 days ago
    $2000–$4000 monthly
    Manhattan, New York

    We are a large and established Art Gallery here in New York City. We have a Brand New Retail Gallery space in midtown Manhattan. It is a very large incredible space, approximately 4,000 square feet with almost 20 foot ceilings! It is also located next door to some of the world's most famous landmarks! We are looking for several new Administrative Assistants to help us establish and make our new and unique gallery a "Museum-Like Showcase"! The position includes keeping inventory, managing our online platforms, and answering phone calls. You will also learn how to appraise items and prepare insurance appraisals. Previous experience is not required. We are looking for bright and energetic individuals who are good multi-taskers and ready to learn! Recent graduates or current students are encouraged to apply. In addition to the Administrative Assistant position, we are also looking for: High-end Sales Associates (Full or Part Time) Describer; Curator of the Arts (Full or Part Time) Social Media Expert (Full or Part Time) Telemarketing Solicitors (Full or Part Time) You will be working in a Brand New Gallery space with a energetic and friendly staff in a very nice environment. These positions offer a very competitive salary, tremendous opportunity for growth, bonuses and a possible career situation. Although we prefer full-time hires, we will consider excellent part-time candidates as well. If you are interested in pursuing this unique opportunity, please send your resume.

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