JOB TODAY Is the Fastest-growing Mobile Hiring Platform

We launched in 2015 with our minds set on one goal: to change the way people find work, to make it simple.

We have since processed over 100 million applications! We are now the UK’s number one hiring app and continuing to grow every day!

A job brings a paycheck, but it also brings self-esteem and dignity. We believe that 24 hours is enough time to change somebody’s life. That’s why we spend each day working hard to remove barriers, make connections and create opportunities. We’re making the world a better place for millions of people, one job at a time.

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Eugene Mizin

Co-Founder & CEO @ Job Today

Everyone deserves a job

“We understand what it takes to get a job, because we have been there ourselves.We believe you're better off speaking with employers directly without a million forms. With JOB TODAY, you're ready to go in just a few taps and you always hear back. What matters is that you find a job. Quickly. We do our best to help you get there.”

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Polina Montano

Co-Founder & COO @ Job Today

No more waiting

“As someone who used to manage a retail business, I was constantly challenged to find good employees at short notice. I wished there was a platform available 24/7 where I could contact people looking for a job, find out about their experience and offer them a position right away. I told Eugene about it, and that is how JOB TODAY started”

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Founded in June 2015
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Oct 2015: Helped 25,000 people find a job
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Dec 2015: Opened office in London
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Nov 2016: Four million candidates on the platform
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April 2017: #1 Hiring app in the UK
We Are Changing the Hiring Industry

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