Join us on our mission to simplify the way people find work and make the world a better place. Jobs provide paychecks, but they also foster self-esteem and freedom. We believe that 24 hours is enough time to change somebody’s life. That’s why we spend each day working hard to remove barriers, make connections and create opportunities. Come help us make the world a better place for millions of people, one job at a time.

Our Offices



Our headquarters are located in Luxembourg city. This is where our tech wizards (the Product team) are working their magic to build the world’s best hiring app. We are hiring for positions in Product, Engineering, Marketing and Finance here.



Our newest office is located in the heart of London, it has a rooftop terrace and its very own trendy coffee shop. Our Sales, Strategy and Marketing teams spread the word of JOB TODAY from this stylish space. We are hiring for positions in Sales, Customer Support, Strategy and Marketing here.



Barcelona was the first city where we released the JOB TODAY app and it will always be our home. We are hiring for positions in Customer Support and Sales here.

We are hiring

You can see the current openings at JOB TODAY below. Keep an eye on this page in the future for new roles and opportunities.

Why Join us?

Work on something awesome

We use the latest technologies to help people find work faster than ever before. Help us create opportunities for millions of people around the world.

Work with great people

Our international team comes from Skype, eBay, Bain and other industry leading companies. Join us and work alongside the best in your field.

Work without fear

We innovate, we take bold steps and we challenge industry norms. We move fast and we take risks, because we believe that’s how you achieve progress.

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