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Need to hire fast? Find great employees in 3 steps

Doris Benitez
Reading time: 3 min

So business is booming and you’re looking to expand your team. But how do you find new employees? It’s a big world out there, and you just don’t have the resources to track them down in traditional ways. So here’s where you get crafty:

Step 1: Know what you want

The first step in finding new employees is to know exactly what you want. Think about two things: the job role and the kind of person who would excel in it. For the job role, you’ll need to be very clear about three aspects:

    • The purpose of the role: can you describe it in one sentence? E.g. “this role will increase sales by 25%”, or “this role will make sure everything front of house runs smoothly.”
    • The scope: where does the role fit in your business hierarchy? What are the role’s responsibilities?
  • The tasks: what will the employee actually do on a day-to-day basis?

Next, clarify exactly the type of employee you need to find for the role. Think about:

    • What qualifications they might need
    • What previous experience they should have
    • What soft skills are important for the role e.g. good communication, leadership, teamwork?
  • What personal characteristics are ideal e.g. friendliness and a service ethos for waiting staff

At the end of this exercise, you’ll have produced a good Job Description and a Person Specification. So far so good!

Step 2: Be different

You may be looking for a “generic” sous chef, bar staff or cleaning manager but that doesn’t mean your job ad should be generic. If you want someone special, your ad must be special enough to attract a pool of high quality candidates. Check out other job ads hiring for similar roles, and see which excite you and which bore you to tears. Don’t be afraid of being human, and a well-placed sense of humour can help you stand out.

Step 3. Get online, fast

The most switched-on job seekers are already online and looking for the next step up their career ladder. Keep in mind that having a strong social media presence will give them a good insight into your business as well.  For instance, JOB TODAY has a whole community of job seekers actively seeking a great employer like you so take the opportunity to stalk a little, but not in an illegal way, of course! You can get the feel of what they are looking for in a job. Use this information to tweak the job ad you created in Step 2.

So, you’re clear what the job is and you’ve tweaked your job advertising so that it resonates with the best candidates. You’ve shortlisted your candidates – now it’s time to approach them. Good luck!

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