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Cómo empezar una carrera profesional en administración

Doris Benitez
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The administrative staff usually does varied tasks that go from the accounting of a company to manage the agendas of the management team or those responsible for any department of a company.

Además, el personal administrativo también puede hacer oposiciones, a través de unas pruebas y exámenes, para entrar a trabajar en la administración pública. Trabajar como administrativo permite estar como empleado en empresas de distinta índole y sector, y es un profesional necesario cuya figura es clave para que el negocio funcione. Muchos administrativos han empezado en este puesto y en poco tiempo han conseguido ser jefe de departamento, de publicidad, de ventas o gestores.

¿Qué hacen los profesionales de la administración?

An administrative professional has as main objective to carry out the administrative procedures of the company. This entails a large number of tasks that range from performing and establishing work schedules, bringing managers’ agendas to being responsible for billing. Administrators have tasks such as:

  • Control the financial administration of the company.
  • Perform accounting tasks.
  • Be responsible for the invoices with the control of expenses and profits.
  • Be responsible for making payroll, registration and termination of workers.
  • Place orders of all kinds.
  • Enter data in the computer.
  • Keep track of the database of customers and suppliers of the company.
  • Keep agendas of the management team.
  • Support other departments in their billing.

The tasks of an administration manager go through being a worker who also performs another kind of tasks not so typical of his position or being the head of an administration department.

What qualities should they have?

To be a good management professional, it is necessary to be organized, flexible and have a gift from people, although they are not usually in direct contact with customers. Great managerial capacity and memory, like somewhat repetitive and mechanical tasks. Be agile and good in numbers and have a good management of the expense account, order notes and reports, among others.

What qualification do they have?

Administration workers usually have Professional Training degrees in Administration, but also higher degrees in business, economics and business administration or labor relations, depending on their most specific functions. Descárgate la app JOB TODAY ahora!