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Cómo convertirse en bartender

Doris Benitez
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The figure of the bartender is increasingly widespread and recognized internationally. It is usually the person who makes, advises and chooses the ingredients to make cocktails. Some professionals are reputed worldwide and can win contests and work in the best hotels.

Today, cocktail makers work in a variety of establishments, from restaurants, to bars, hotels, spas, cruises and even in specific centers where food and drink is provided. Some may work in events in which the combined are an essential part, in catering events and also in cocktail exhibitions, being some signature drinks.

What do bartenders do?

The responsibility of the cocktail shaker is different depending on where he works. The main function is to prepare or serve licensed cocktails. On the other hand, they can also be in charge of organizing the bar, the cocktail area, advising customers and employees on the drinks of the premises, serving customers, supervising the work of apprentices, controlling the stock of the bar and restaurant, maintain the equipment and utensils of the bar, time planning, cleaning of the bar or its area or area, organize events and tastings that affect it, charge customers, and establish relationship and organization with other departments of the establishment , especially if it is a large area such as a hotel or resort.

What qualities should cocktails have?

Bartenders must be helpful, friendly people and emphasize with customers. That is to say, it is a profession facing the public and they must also be methodical so as not to be wrong in their work. With a high sense of organization and responsibility, especially when organizing a team or being in contact with other departments of a restaurant or hotel. Professional bartenders also have a good taste on the palate and also olfactory. They know how to distinguish a large amount of ingredients, drinks and spices to apply in their cocktails.

What qualification should they have?

Cocktail shakers usually have different degrees. From waiters who have specialized and conducted bartender courses, to people who have studied tourism, cooking and others, but with degrees related to this work. While there are also some cocktail makers who have gained experience throughout their career even though they do not have a specific degree.

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