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Cómo convertirse en camarero/a

Doris Benitez
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The waiter profession is one of the most demanded today. In an eminently tourist market in which the increase in visitors is growing, working as a waiter can be easy and fast throughout the year. Now there are countless opportunities for becoming a waiter to be a job for the future, whether in the living room, in a bar or gastrobar or in a hotel restaurant.

The functions of a waitress are varied because they are not only based on taking notes from customers about their orders and serving, but they are increasingly wide. So adequate training and experience are key to having more opportunities in the tourist and hospitality world. The profiles of waiters currently available are also different, and are required from people with many years of experience to other younger profiles but prepared to make a career in a restaurant or hotel.

What do the waiters do?

The functions of a waiter cover a large number of functions. These would be the most prominent:

  • Store and distribute product, especially raw materials.
  • Prepare and present various types of food and drinks.
  • Reception and Customer Service.
  • Maintenance of kitchen utensils or facilities.
  • Serve material and food following defined processes.
  • Execute billing or collection processes.
  • Maintain and perform cleaning actions of the premises.
  • Supervision, control and organization of the material.

What qualities should waiters have?

The waiters actively participate in the overall work tasks of a restaurant, related facility and hotel. So they must be organized, responsible and methodical people. In addition, its competences include the speed of reflexes, manual dexterity, agility and taste and olfactory acuity. But above all, being a profession for the public, it is necessary that the waitresses have a great sense of customer service and kindness. On the other hand, other qualities of the profession are improvisation, initiative and neatness.

What qualification should they have?

If you want to be a waiter you will need a series of requirements. On the one hand, a regulated training of ESO graduate and training modules of degrees in middle grades of technicians in catering services. There are also complementary training courses to get the food handler card or specific waiters. Some people have higher degrees in tourism and even master’s degrees to start as waiters and become room managers.

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