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Cómo convertirse en dependiente/a

Doris Benitez
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The clerk is one of the most important figures in any commercial establishment. It is responsible for serving customers and providing advice on any type of doubt that may arise during the purchase decision process. The truth is that without your help, in many cases purchases would be impossible.

What do the dependents do?

The functions of the dependents in a given commercial establishment are as follows.

  • Welcome customers upon arrival at the establishment.
  • Serve customers in all matters related to the purchase, trying to identify what their needs are based on the existing offer.
  • Make the sale, and proceed to the collection.
  • Prepare properly the products requested by customers.
  • Resolve all claims and doubts by customers towards the establishment, or towards its products and / or services.
  • To keep the stock, be up to date with the needs of warehouse provisioning based on the sales made.
  • Serve as support in the tasks of supplying new products.
  • Supervise the arrival and entry of merchandise, checking that it meets the request.
  • Keep updated all the information on prices and discounts to guide customers during the purchase process.

What qualities should the dependents have?

The desired competencies that dependents must have are several. First of all, a vocation of service with the main objective of helping clients in everything they need.

Of course, the dependents must be empathic people, capable of understanding and understanding each of the clients. It is the only way to detect what your needs are and to be able to offer you a great quality service.

Flexibility and adaptability is another recommended requirement for saleswomen. They must be able to adapt to the different situations that arise since each client is different.

What qualification do they have?

Trade clerks generally have a medium-level training cycle in commerce. In addition, they enrich their CV with courses that allow them to specialize in certain areas related to their employment: shop window decoration, collection management, inventory management … others may have university degrees to start as sales clerks and end up as team managers, of Store and department. 

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