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Cómo convertirse en obrero

Doris Benitez
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A significant percentage of the workers who are employed in our country are thanks to the construction sector . That is why there are many professionals who decide to train to develop a trade in the world of work, while others get to work on it more casually.

What do the workers do?

There are many worker functions that we can find in any construction or renovation. Depending on its size, we will find some professionals or others. If it is important, almost all the trades related to this sector will be necessary, such as masons, formwork, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, painters …

Their work will depend on the position they hold. In addition to those of their trade, they may have to deal with leading a gang or even hiring new members. It is difficult to define exactly what a worker does, since it depends on the company he works for and his own abilities.

What qualities should a worker have?

But without a doubt, it is a sector in which versatility is often rewarded, it is not only necessary that you touch several branches of your trade, but on many occasions it is required that you have knowledge of other subjects. This way you can lend a hand to your classmates if necessary.

Let’s see some characteristics that a good worker must have:

  • The first thing that a construction worker has to be is a worker. The days in the work are long and hard, so you must be a person prepared to endure them.
  • He must be able to work in a team and, as we said, even lead his teammates if necessary.
  • It is essential that you be organized, that you do not waste your time, or that of your colleagues.
  • Punctuality is vital, since being late can mean delaying not only your work, but also that of your colleagues.
  • He must be meticulous and disciplined.
  • Being a manual job, being skilled is an essential requirement.

What qualification do they have?

As for training, there are many studies prepared to train workers to develop their trade. It is true that in many cases it is not required to be qualified, but it is always a plus in order to get a better position.

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