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Cómo empezar una carrera profesional en educacion secundaria

Doris Benitez
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To start a professional career in secondary education it is important to have a high sense of the vocation for teaching. The teachers in secondary education should make the career of teaching or related subjects and exams after class to make high school students.

What functions do secondary education professionals perform?

They perform the functions of secondary school teacher, which include:

  • Teach and educate high school students in a variety of institutions.
  • Train students of these ages.
  • Be a tutor in the class of high school students.
  • Teach a specific subject.
  • Organize the educational program.
  • Take exams and evaluations
  • Organize meetings with students and parents.

What characteristics should secondary school teachers have?

First of all they must have a great vocation to teach. A lot of patience to be in daily contact with high school teens, being a complicated age of many changes. Therefore, the teacher should not only give a syllabus, but especially educate, train and correct them for life in general.

Secondary school teachers are understanding, with high stress but at the same time with many incentives and personal rewards. They must be organized, fast people, with the necessary knowledge in various subjects and leaders to enforce and guide students with their explanations.

Such professionals will adapt to the various education and teaching standards set by the State, so they must be flexible and not fear changes.

What qualifications do secondary education professionals possess?

In general, they must have university degrees in specialized teaching in secondary school. Later they have to pass some exams to be able to teach and be hired to be teachers. Other professionals have other degrees, beyond teaching or teaching, such as history, art history, mathematics, etc. and they can, if they manage to take places to teach, teach their subject in question. In this case, they will need to go through a series of more specific tests.

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