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Consejos para gestionar las solicitudes

Doris Benitez
Tiempo de lectura: 2 min

The volume of candidates in the Job Today App is very high. This makes it possible for you to choose for your company from a wide range of possible candidates. So you can see the profile that best suits your needs and hire the right person.

The high number of applications is great news. However, we must take into account some aspects to manage it in the best way.

How can I manage the offers when I look for a worker?

  1. Set a schedule: review the applications 2-3 times a day. With 10 minutes may suffice.
    Remember, applications expire in 24 hours. If you have not preselected the profiles that interest you, your application will disappear.
  1. Position yourself: keep in mind the essential requirements that the person you require must have. Should you have at least one year of experience? Some specific studies? Asking yourself these questions can help you discard.
  1. Make sure the explanation of the position and the requirements you need are explicitly written in the offer. In this way you will narrow down the type of profiles that are pointed out.
    For example, if you write “restaurant staff”, you are being very little concrete: are you looking for an employee … as a cook or a waiter? Bartender? Cleaning? Is it helpful or are you looking for experience in what you do?
  1. Keep in mind the people who send you presentation videos,  because they have prepared it exclusively for you .  It is also a point in favor of all those who speak to you by chat to add more information about their training or experience, and also to thank you if they have been shortlisted.
  1. Have notifications activated . This way you can attend all the requests and you will not lose any candidate.
  1. Probably many want more details of the position, or know if they can pass you extra information that may be of interest to you by chat. Write a base text that helps you copy and paste, it will save you a lot of time
  2. Don’t wait for the candidates to sign up! With Job Today you can search for employees and contact them if your profile is of interest to you.

Go ahead and publish a job offer on JOB TODAY today: it’s easy and fast, and you can also find great candidates!