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trabajo de fines de semana

Encontrar trabajo de fin de semana

Doris Benitez
Tiempo de lectura: 3 min

Working on the weekends can be an extra effort and a sacrifice of your free time (both if you study and if you are looking for an extra salary), but if you are considering it, think about everything you can earn: complement your income and gain additional experience . This last aspect may gain importance if you are studying and have not been able to gain much filming in the labor field until now, since many jobs for Saturdays and Sundays do not require much experience.

What types of weekend work can I find?

The job offer can be very wide and is constantly updated: t work in hospitality and catering, hairdressers, customer service, supermarkets, shops, etc. You can also find day or night jobs, of more or less hours, with or without experience …

The most convenient thing is that you take advantage of the search filter offered by the Job Today app to just search and apply to ‘ weekend’ offers . This will make your search much more agile! From there, you can also search by sectors, to decide the type of employment that you like most or you should gain experience.

What if I have no experience?

Do not worry! The lack of experience may not be a problem for this type of work. Many companies already have a type of student profile in mind, or need to occupy a reinforcement position for their staff. Therefore, lack of experience will not be a problem. You are always on time to learn and show enthusiasm for it to the company!

Prepare the work profile

It is important that before looking for a job, you have your profile in the highly prepared app (we tell you here how to have a profile of 10). For this type of work, from Job Today we advise you:

  • If you are currently studying , for example, indicate it.
  • If you have little experience, specify the things that you do have and highlight your strengths (have you done internships? Include it too!).
  • You can also use the chat to complement the information to the company (here we tell you how to stand out through the chat ).
  • Do you dare to present your application with a video? Job Today allows you to do it, and it is a much more effective way for companies to get an idea of ​​your potential and your desire to work.

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