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Trabajos de verano

¡Bienvenido, verano!

Doris Benitez
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What do you plan to do in the months of July and August? The truth is that the possibilities of work are many, especially before the arrival of tourism, summer celebrations, music festivals … Surely you intend to make the most of it, perhaps with a job that allows you to save, and do That trip you’ve dreamed of so much! Do not let the slightest doubt that you can make the most of the summer!

The best summer jobs

  1. Hospitality: the high season entails that the hotels cover all their stays, so they need to hire new staff to help them get out of the way; In the same way, the main beaches are filled to overflowing, which is why the hotel industry experiences the same rise. Many bars and restaurants, as well as the classic beach bar, need new employees. What do you say, do you want to leave the city and spend the summer in one of these tourist destinations, earning a good salary while you roast in the sun?
  2. Festivals and festivals: on the other hand, there are many summer festivals that need new workers every year; Gastronomic parties, sports meetings, concerts of your favorite bands, very interesting dates in which you can participate in an active way, and above you earning money. Do not hesitate for a second and throw yourself into the event experience !
  3. Lifeguards: a crowded beach implies the need for many eyes watching, to avoid scares and the occasional disgust. The lifeguard profession in the summer months is one of the most demanded. Would you like to work on a beach? Surely, nobody is bitter about candy!
  4. Terrace waiters : the terrace is, perhaps, one of the biggest claims of the summer; beer, tapas, good company, warm nights … The job offer in this hospitality sector is as wide as grateful for salaries, so do not hesitate for a second, and throw yourself for the opportunity!

Are you a student? Would you like to take advantage of the hours, instead of staying to see how you spend the summer in a sigh, doing nothing? The months of July and August are a gold mine, we encourage you to make the most of them! 

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