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Un buen sitio para trabajar: ¡Con mucho gusto!

Doris Benitez
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Raise your hand who does not know the oriental delights of Udon . In case there is any clueless reading this, Udon is an Asian food restaurant chain specializing in noodles (for us, noodles) and Japanese-inspired tapas. Very recommended.

In Spain, Japanese food likes. And a lot. In 2004, at the height of Japanese cuisine, Udon pioneered “casual dining”, a concept of restoration of great tradition in Japan but unknown then in our country. Its philosophy is to serve fast, balanced and nutritious food in an environment of modern and informal design, and at a good price.

Since its inception, Udon has grown to have 43 restaurants throughout the Spanish territory. And it continues with a voracious hunger, since it plans to open 15 new establishments, which will result in expanding its current workforce of more than 700 employees.

Chopsticks as a work tool

With such a cheerful and dynamic work environment, passion is served. As Gemma Vidal, HR director says, ” we want to incorporate passionate people who enjoy and feel proud of what they do, and who are Udon fans just like those who are already part of this great project .”

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With Udon at the end of the world

To achieve this, teamwork is encouraged at all times. Without going any further, during the selection process group dynamics are already carried out and ” interesting synergies are created, even the selected and unselected candidates exchange their phones “.


The Udon team perfectly combines the commitment to quality work, and informal treatment and friendship. Working like this is a pleasure. The secret? In large part, the extra-labor initiatives that they organize, such as movie outings or escape rooms, cultural visits and any other activity that brings fun and serves to strengthen ties.

Investment in training, companionship and human treatment are, in fact, the most valued concerns by the team. Something that in Udon is always taken into account.


Udon was awarded in 2016 at the Restoration Awards for maintaining its values ​​in all corporate decisions

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