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3 Personal Things to NOT Share on Your CV

Doris Benitez
Reading time: 2 min

Yes, it’s true that your employer should get to know as much as possible about you through your CV – but my friend, there are some things you just don’t put there.

Wondering what they are? Have a look 🙂


Whether you apply with your efficiently beautiful JOB TODAY CV or a regular one, you don’t need to put your age there.

Now, let’s talk about why 🙂

Stating your age on your CV could cause your employer to develop preconceived ideas about your competence to perform the job you’re applying for. This would lead to age discrimination – and mate, that’s against the law.

The Equality Act, updated in 2010, is a super wicked law that safeguards you from any sort of unjust treatment due to owning certain personal traits, such as age.

After all, your age does not affect your ability to do your best on the job.

Marital Status

You could be married with 3 sets of triplets and twins on the way, in a civil partnership or single with 10 cats. Your prospective hiring manager doesn’t need to know what your marital status is. Similar to age, it has nothing to do with what you’ll bring to the job in question. The Equality Act also covers this and protects you from such forms of discrimination.

Hey, it’s super important you know all your rights. Mate, you’re a rising star!


You’ve probably already guessed this one 😀 The Equality Act protects you from this too!

Now, unless you’ve made certain lifestyle choices that prohibit you from working with or touching certain products (maybe you’re vegan, respect!) and are not aware that it could be a part of your work duties – your personal faith should not impact the employer’s decision to hire you.

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