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5 easy steps to getting a job that no one will tell you

Doris Benitez
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If you have just graduated or finished college a few years ago and are finding it difficult to break through into the workplace, there may be a reason for that. As the most educated generation ever, there are some things you may not have considered when it comes to getting a “real” job – which is where we come in.

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If you stop for a moment and read these 5 easy steps to getting a job, your luck could be about to change:

1. Get some work experience

Over 70% of your generation plan to complete undergraduate degrees, and 40% are set to come away with advanced degrees. But with all this education many employers will consider you “professionally immature”. You lack experience in the workplace and are competing against lots of other graduates with great degrees – everyone has a degree these days. Give yourself an edge by volunteering in the industry you want to work in during your studies and you will have more chance of getting a job you really want when you graduate.

2. Put your ego to one side

You are being judged by your previous generations as arrogant, lazy and spoilt. Granted, you haven’t had to work as hard as they did, but this doesn’t mean you aren’t willing to work hard. Prove them wrong by starting in a role as their inferior, and don’t expect too much straight away. The workplace is a totally different environment where experience rules, not ego. Be enthusiastic and positive in the workplace, but not rude and critical, don’t judge your superiors because they wasn’t born when you were – because that would be weird, and wrong.

3. Start looking for a job straight away

It’s always tempting to reward yourself after four years of studying with a lovely gap year in Europe – however, if you are keen to start your career soon you will be better off getting a job straight after you graduate. If you apply when your friends are applying you can work together and call on your college for help in finding a role. It also doesn’t look great on your resume to take time off immediately after college – believe me, there’s plenty of time to see the world.

4. Make your own luck

It simply isn’t true that in real life you will just win the lottery and never have to work or that someone will magically get you a job with a wand and a pumpkin carriage… Sorry to break it to you. Jobs don’t come looking for you – you have to look for them. You are up against some of the toughest competition out there, so decide what you want to do and don’t be intimidated. Just make sure you choose something you will love and be great at, there’s no use pursing a role for months that you would eventually hate anyway…

5. Create a career story

If you really want to impress employers and land a job that you are going to love doing for the foreseeable future then it’s time you created something called a “career story”. This is essentially a 30-second monologue about why you want to move into a particular career, what your goals are and what your strengths are. It’s something you can formulate yourself and can be used in job applications and interviews. Make sure it’s simple, clear and would make you want to hire you! In today’s day and age, it is essential that you sharpen your digital presence and manage social media in a way that it paints you in a positive light.

It’s time to stop daydreaming and take action – there’s a job out there for everyone but it definitely isn’t going to send you an email!

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