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Expert Tips For Newbie Baristas

Doris Benitez
Reading time: 3 min

We visited The London Coffee Festival 2019 to see what advice the world’s best baristas had for people new to the coffee industry…


Caravan Coffee Roasters

Value the customer’s tastes and desires. Don’t impose your style on them. – Josh, Caravan Coffee Roasters.

Rancilio Specialty

Never discount anybody’s advice. Take in all the different coffee making styles and processes that you are told and then formulate your own style. Remember if you are making hundreds of coffees a day, your process needs to work for you.

I would recommend looking to find a job at a small chain, rather than an independent coffee shop to begin with, because this way you will come into contact with more baristas: more coffee perspectives. – Chris, Rancilio Specialty.

Girls Who Grind

Be confident and try not to be intimidated by the ‘boys and their toys’ element when being trained on the machines. Don’t let people push ideas onto you of what you’re interested in – show your passion and ask to learn more about what excites you in the coffee industry.

Remember you are on an equal footing. – Fi, Girls Who Grind Coffee.

The Devon Coffee Company

The most important thing is enthusiasm and a willingness to learn. An active passion will get you further than cold experience in this industry. Beginner SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) courses can help get you started.

Coffee is a high reward industry. With enough passion and the right attitude you can progress really fast. – Jon, The Devon Coffee Company.

Caffe Tosta D’Oro

Humility! Each day you need to tune into your clientele. Never be afraid to ask from feedback from your colleagues and customers. – Cameron, Caffe Tosta D’Oro.

Union Hand-Roasted Coffee

If you have no barista experience but you are passionate about coffee, try to get a (non-barista) job in a coffee shop. Ask to be trained and you will become a professional barista in no time. – Geoff, Union Hand-Roasted Coffee.

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