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Great Place To Work: Will You Be Friends With Benefit?

Doris Benitez
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It’s one of those questions you have to think twice about, as this term might have just acquired a whole new meaning. In this case, it means to know how to beatdown; to have your own HG; and to have everything that should be – “on fleek”. For people, who know this kind of language, it’s clear enough. For those, who don’t – it means to be Benefit.

This beauty empire has been winning over every gal’s heart for several decades now. American twin girls, Jean and Jane Ford, opened The Face Place. It was a tiny San Francisco beauty parlour, in 1976. Fourteen years later it became Benefit – known today as one of the biggest allure brands of them all, ranging their presence from Henri Bendel’s in NYC to Harrods in London. Since the very beginning, Benefit has grown like the vine in the California sun and spread to 3000 counters in 36 countries with an army of “Bene-babes” as Beauty Advisers to represent the brand. Although it started with two twin sisters and was then joined by the next generation (Jean’s daughters), a company of this size is hard to call a family. A sisterhood, naturally, seems like a much better word.


Benefit BrowMobile (left) & The Founders of Benefit Cosmetics, Jean and Jane Ford with Jean’s daughters Maggie and Annie (right)

With a name like this, a company is bound to be famous for happy employees. In fact, the perks of being a part of this team will make you raise your brows. These guys and gals go the extra mile to keep their employees beatific. Firstly, every full-time Bene-babe gets free make-up. In addition, apart from a long list of other perks (as if the first one wasn’t enough to convince you), they offer their bespoke Passport scheme, which lets you skyrocket in your career development. Certainly, you’d have to prove yourself.


Benefit team at London Fashion Week

Where “laughter is the best cosmetic”, according to the founders, the team culture is bound to be fun-tastic. Of course, they make sure to prove it in every way they can. For a large corporation, Benefit is surprising their staff by keeping it casual and classy at the same time. Providing excellent life-work balance, all they need from you is to laugh and look gorgeous. In all seriousness, though, Benefit team is made of talented and passionate people, who inspire each other and their customers on a daily basis.


Brow Arch March for Bold is Beautiful

The Superwoman Empire

We all know how it works: if you’re passionate about what you do, you’re bound to be good at it. That’s just what makes you happy at a workplace. No doubt, they’re well aware of that at Benefit. Besides, it is not just about being beautiful. The company has launched a charity project born to support and encourage self-confidence and well-being of women fighting against cancer. Benefit’s volunteers across the UK help them to “look good and feel better”, promoting the charity of the same name.

It’s not just the volunteers they’re looking for, though. They value a diversity of skills and experience in their aspiring newcomers. In fact, they’re always on a lookout for Counter Managers and Beauty Advisers. So wake up and smell the fragrance – download JOB TODAY, and with a stroke of aspiration and a mist of ambitions, you can reap the benefit and leave your own beauty mark in this Superwoman empire.