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Great Place To Work: Venezuelan Conquest of England

Doris Benitez
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One doesn’t need to be a history buff to know the meaning of this phrase. While it seems like history was made by the greats long time before us, we live among them to this day. Take Venezuela instead of Normandy; take David instead of William – and you will have a story about the new conquest of England. It started in London instead of Hastings, and no one had to fight this time. Well, unless you count the hungry Londoners queueing for the actual matter we speak about today – the arepa.


Arepas – the classic Venezuelan dish

They came, they saw, they conquered

David Gutiérrez’s dream to conquer the British territories came true in 2012, when he launched Guasacaca in London. Focusing on Venezuelan cuisine, he and his team brought us something London didn’t have. Their nation’s quintessential dish was first spotted at Portobello Food Market. There, Guasacaqueros dipped their toes into the depth of the British street food sphere. Over the 5 years the business has expanded all over London, and beyond, seizing music festivals all around. The only thing that kept them going was always the customer’s feedback, and, of course, the dedication of the team – says David, the founder.


Guasacaqueros and the promotional team

When the team’s ambitions are a lot bigger than the team itself, it becomes a “must” to live by the same rules and goals. For this exact reason the whole team is trained in every little aspect of the business. From grilling the arepas to interacting with customers – you need to try yourself in every stage in the 60 hours of training in order to get in the flow. “Our own Guasacaqueros are the ones who usually select our new employees after having the time to work with them” – says Irua, the HR manager and co-owner.

Mixing it up in your everyday life is just as important, as mixing up the filling for the arepas, apparently. It’s not like you need to be an expert in all of it – all you need is the right attitude and passion to be a part of the team. Once you get in the flow, you become the true Guasacaquero.


David Gutiérrez and his Guasacaqueros

All it takes is the will of a single Guasacaquero

Believe it or not, sometimes all it takes is the will of a single man. While 60 hours doesn’t seem like a long time, it felt like a lifetime to Jesus, one of the best Guasacaqueros there are. He was a part of a company that gives a chance to prove yourself. That was exactly what he did on the brink of the training scheme’s end. He proved that the right attitude can go a long way, which is highly recognised by the team’s management. Guasacaca is “a place of opportunities for people willing to learn and give their best”.


Carlos and Jesus, the Guasacaquero of the Month

Commitment, energy and dedication led Jesus from no skills to Guasacaquero of the month. Apart from the recognition, guys like him get quite a lot of perks, as well as the monthly team nights out and boat parties. And if that wasn’t enough, Guasacaca has it’s 5-years anniversary coming up soon, and we heard it’s going to be a big one.


With the right mix of mindset and energy, you could be a part of all of this in no time. In the future, they will be looking to expand the business. So, you know, if the idea of going to festivals and getting paid for it sounds good to you – you owe it to yourself to check out the opportunities they offer. Download JOB TODAY and get in the mix.