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Great Place to Work: MEAVO Office Phone Booths

Doris Benitez
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Open plan offices are the most common office space layout these days. They facilitate communication and dialogue among colleagues. They also come with downsides though, as employees have to put up with constant noise and loud office banter. According to recent research, around 50% of workers in open plan offices feel disturbed by noise. Have you done a poll in your office?

To tackle this issue and provide office workers with tranquility and privacy, two London entrepreneurs set out on a mission to create a comfortable and affordable soundproof phone booths for the office.

After spending years working across open plan offices and co-working spaces, the two co-founders, Thomas and Todor, thought that it would be really helpful if they had a privacy pod in the office where they could each make calls in a quiet and private setting while also not disturbing other colleagues. Shortly after, MEAVO office phone booths was born.

The MEAVO co-founders

“Our aim was to make a high quality and efficient phone booth which is affordable for everyone, especially start-ups and small businesses who don’t have deep pockets like large corporations.” Says Thomas Anselmino, a co-founder at MEAVO. 

Today, 18 months after releasing their booths on the market, the company has grown significantly and has equipped hundreds of offices in London with their soundproof pods. They have more than a dozen handymen as part of their assembly team and are hoping to expand this even further. 

“We are always on the look for reliable and motivated people to join our operations and assembly teams. We have found a few great team members via the JOB TODAY app. The app has been of great help to us, especially when we needed to find staff quickly in London.”, says Thomas. “I believe it’s very important to respect your staff and pay them well. London is a competitive market, people have opportunities. Treating your staff well is not only good for your business, it’s simply the right thing to do.”  

“It’s a good gig”, says Karzan, who’s been working in the MEAVO assembly team for several months now. “The pay is fair, the atmosphere is good and the clients are all nice. Sometimes the work is tough, as we have to carry heavy panels up the stairs when the lift is too small. But it’s part of the job.”, he continues.

The MEAVO team is not stopping here. “We are looking to expand into Europe. Our booths have been well received and we are glad our clients are happy. Hopefully we can keep helping them and growing our team.” says Todor.

If you need some privacy in your office, you can check out the office phone booths by MEAVO here. 

If you are interested in finding a job as a handyman or in constructions, you can check out all the available positions on our website here.