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Great Place To Work: An Oasis in the ❤️ of the City

Doris Benitez
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Do you ever stop and think: does my job make me happy? Is this really a good place to work? If you do find yourself asking these questions, you probably know you’re not alone. So many people nowadays are willing to drastically change their lifestyle – leave that cooked up job in the City for the country life with a nice calm workplace and a new lease of life. Fresh air, friendly people, who never rush anywhere, fresh local food… Isn’t that the best?

For some, the answer is no. Undoubtedly, these perks are attractive, but why give up the city lifestyle, when you can just as well combine both?


Sofia, Co-Founder at Olive+Squash

About 2 years ago, two girls proved it was possible. With a strong passion for fresh food, Olivia and Sofia got fed up with their City jobs, but didn’t abandon the place. Instead, they brought the nearby country farms into the urban jungle.

With this transition they also gained their alter egos – Olive and Squash, which, as you may have guessed, became the name of their very own restaurant and salad bar. And so it goes – here, in the heart of the business district (Monument station, to be exact), grows this little green oasis of freshness and health.


Cintia, the general manager of the store, is certain: the thing their customers appreciate the most is the freshness of their produce. “We make everything in store: soups, dressings, even our croutons are homemade! At O+S, we believe that how our food is sourced is just as important, as what we do, when it arrives to our kitchen, so we spend a lot of our days tracking down the best local produce.

Eating Fresh(er)

Believe you me, Subway’s got nothing on these guys, when talking about eating fresh, so it must make those sandwich gurus green with envy (which is also the name of one of O+S’s signature salads).


The only thing, that stays in store for a long time, is the staff. “If you stick with us, you’ll grow with us, too,” Cintia says. Sticking with their salad days (quite literally), this start-up team became a close-knit family. Over the two years, they’ve been through a huge string of changes, which kept a big part of the primary team together. Of course, they all had one thing in common –  passion for fresh food.

3And good memory, from what I can tell. Apparently, every newcomer has to memorise their signature menu of salads and wraps. So just in case you’re considering joining the team, don’t hope to rely on cheat sheets. And bear in mind, their menu changes “depending on what is available from nearby farms,” so make sure to stick with the health concept – eat plenty of broccoli for your memory.

A good friend of mine told me: in order to sell a product, you must know it inside out (and care about it, too). These guys at O+S surely follow this theory, as their sales are growing fast and they are expanding swiftly. In fact, the team is expecting to get really busy towards the summer and is looking for cool-as-a-cucumber people to join them. So be sure to stay on the lookout. Fresh food needs fresh talent, you know. 😉   

Olive+Squash Super Team

Olive+Squash Super Team

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