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Get Rich Quick with these 5 Highest Paying Jobs for Students

Doris Benitez
Reading time: 3 min

Looking for the highest paying jobs for students? Sure, there are lots of ways to make extra quid💷💷 while you’re studying – but have you stopped to consider the amount of time and energy you invest in earning those few pounds?

You already have enough on your plate. What with managing your studies, assignments and a heavy course load, you’re clearly a hard worker. And that’s why, mate, you deserve the absolute best.

Not a problem as we’ve put together a list of well paid jobs available. All we want is that you land such a sweet paying gig and enjoy your time off.

  1. Sales Jobs

Average hourly wage: £9.60

If you can sell ice to an igloo and own persuasion as a superpower, then a high paying sales job is simply perfect for you. At almost a tenner an hour, it’s a pretty good deal! You can pull evening or weekend shifts to maximise those precious pounds.

Also, here’s a little fun tip: you can work your way up to a Sales Manager and earn up to £100,000 annually.

Wait, what’s that you’re doing? Downloading the JOB TODAY app right away to find your next sales opportunity?

  1. Firefighters

highest paying jobs for students JOB TODAY

Average hourly wage: £11.90

Oh, that’s what you’ll get as a trainee firefighter.

That’s right baby! It’s only more moolah from here on out. As you train and get experience, that payslip is only going to go up. Go ahead, rock that uniform and save some lives!

Amazing for a high paying job for a student, eh?

  1. Education

Average hourly wage: £11.04

Here’s a friendly idea: put that degree of yours to some good use and get hired as a tutor. If you want to start your career as a tutor, you might have to travel to your student’s house to teach them.

You will have to assess their academic performance and see how you can improve it. The good part is that you can work during those hours that are convenient to both you and your future pupil. Doesn’t a tutoring job sound brill as a high paying job for a student?

  1. Marketing

Average hourly wage: £11.10

Hey, you never know till you try! Marketing jobs could turn out to be your calling and something you consider pursuing full-time after graduation. Get some on hands-on experience, make great money and see if the world of marketing is meant for you.

  1. Construction

highest paying jobs for students JOB TODAY construction

Average hourly pay: £13.58

Good at working with your hands and like putting things together or taking them apart? Then, your next construction job is waiting for you. Why not get a bit of physical activity and earn some quid after being hunched over those textbooks all week long?

Sounds pretty good to us as a high paying job for students! Even if you’re not a student, there are plenty of highly paid jobs that don’t require a qualification.

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