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5 Highly Paid No Qualification Jobs You Need to Apply For

Doris Benitez
Reading time: 3 min

Did you know that half of UK college grads do not work in their relevant field of study? A whopping 96% changed their careers at the age of 24. So young!

This implies that a qualification is not going to define your career. You can still live the good life as a high school graduate as there are plenty of highly paid no qualification jobs you can apply for. Chicken sexer, anyone?

We have compiled such a list of roles that may just peak your interest.

Customer Services
The world of customer service jobs may just be calling your name! Hone your people skills and pick up that application form. Aim for the sky and show your boss you got what it takes. You can progress into a managerial role with sufficient experience. Even an entry-level position will pay you a reasonable income. How does an annual £18,000 sound to start off with?

As a Customer Services Manager, you will only be raking in money and can double your livelihood to £40,000 yearly. Not bad for a no qualification role!

Firefighting Services
Help save the world and become a firefighter. It is the ideal opportunity to build your physical stamina and increase your strength. There will be a number of tests you will have to clear during the hiring stage such as a fire drill whilst attired in the complete fire-fighting uniform.

firefighter job today

At the beginning, you may earn £21,000 and once you proceed in this field, that figure can go up to £50,000 annually as an Area Manager. Sign me up!

Chicken Sexer
This is for real! You can earn up to £40,000 annually in this position. Improve your observation powers as you will need to check a countless number of chicks to determine their gender so that they can be reared appropriately.

Sales Executive
If you can sell a hair-comb to a bald man, you have what it takes to venture into the realm of sales! Use your charm and your persuasive skills to sell, sell and sell!

Companies are always looking for effective sales people who not only are good at what they do – yet enjoy the thrill as well. Give it a shot and earn commissions on top of your yearly starting salary of £12,000. Work your way up to only earn more and more. Want to apply for a sales job?

Home Services

housekeeper job today
Did you know that being part of a wealthy individual’s household can also help you make some big bucks? Be their house manager or butler and you could earn up to £150,000 per year. No qualification needed for this job! Just some experience, organization and people skills!