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6 Reasons you should get a hotel job

Doris Benitez
Reading time: 3 min

If you think a hotel job isn’t for you, think again. Yes, you’ll hear stories of hotel workers being poorly paid and badly treated and this does happen as in any job, but most likely it will be a great experience. If you have the right attitude and a game plan, a hotel job could be the start of a great career. And here’s why:

  1. Variety

Hotel jobs are nothing if not varied. It’s a service industry and there is lots of opportunity. From cleaning and housekeeping, restaurant, catering and bar services, events management, maintenance, gardens and grounds work, concierge, spa and gym management  through to procurement, HR, IT and marketing: every hotel is a mini-universe of opportunity. And if you work for a chain of hotels or a smart, exclusive hospitality brand, you’ll broaden your opportunities even more.

  1. Careering ahead

Once you’re in the door, take a look around you. You’ll find many professions working together. You’ll get a front row seat on what you might like to specialise in, and what you might want to avoid. Take all the courses on offer – a good hotel will develop you, so take advantage of every opportunity. And if hotel management is your ambition, then any hotel job you take, no matter at what level, will give you a lot more understanding of how a hotel really works. It’ll give you the edge over hotel management candidates who don’t have this experience. If you’re good, you can move up the career ladder fast.

  1. Transferable skills

It’s called hospitality for a reason. You’re there to serve, and a great customer-focussed service attitude can take you far in any career you choose. The best-run hotels are also big on teamwork and good communication, which are also top-dollar skills in almost every other sector. What you learn in your hotel job you can use in any other job.

  1. You’ll always be in work

Let’s face it, people will always need places to stay and things to eat. You’ll never be out of work. And if you don’t like your employer or the job you’re in, you can jump to another employer easily. And you can take your hotel experience and skills all over the world – including cruise lines!

  1. You make people happy

When you’re rushed off your feet, it’s easy to forget that your whole purpose is to make guests happy. But making people happy can be motivating and rewarding. Those little touches – a welcoming smile, a thoughtful action –can make guests feel special and that’ll make you feel good, too.

  1. Every day is different

Hotel work is a 24/7 people business, and because people are involved, no day is the same. You’ll be faced with on-your-feet problem solving, weird hours, quirky personalities and fun and not-so-much-fun things happening all the time. You’ll never get bored and you will keep learning new things every day.

  1. Perks

Hotel work can come with free meals (even better if it’s gourmet!) and travel or spa discounts. That’s a bit more interesting than a free parking spot.

What’s not to love about hotel work? If making people happy, learning new skills and climbing up the career ladder quickly sounds fun, what are you waiting for? Check our hotel jobs on the JOB TODAY app now!