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How to Become a Delivery Driver

Doris Benitez
Reading time: 3 min

With the explosion in popularity of internet shopping, it seems like now is a better time than any to get a job as a delivery driver. However, with the likes of Amazon Prime making next-day delivery a matter of course, expectations are higher than ever before. Do you think you’ve got what it takes to be the person behind the wheel? Here’s our quick and easy guide to becoming a package hero.

Job Basics

  • Entry salary: Around £14,000pa
  • Experienced salary: £23,000+pa
  • Average hours: 35-40 (full-time); 10-20 (part-time)

What do Delivery Drivers do?

  • Pick up and deliver packages of all shapes and sizes, on time, and safely
  • Review delivery routes and plan the best ones to take
  • Use varied vehicles to make journeys between destinations
  • Often collect payment, or signatures, from those you are delivering to
  • Occasionally help to move items to where they will be used, e.g. houses, offices

What Qualities Should a Delivery Driver Have?

Whether you’re relying on a satnav or not, you’re going to need a keen sense of direction. After all, it only takes a loss of signal, a battery to die, or a traffic diversion to throw your best-laid plans out of the window.

Furthermore, delivery drivers have plenty of contact with other people, so if you think you’re cut out for this role, you’ll need to have tip-top communication skills, and an eagerness to smile more than once or twice a day. That said, you’ll also find yourself in the company of just yourself for long periods of time, so be prepared to spend periods with just your own thoughts.

You’re also going to need to be relatively fit. Sure, you’re going to be behind the wheel quite a lot, but you’ll also be getting in and out plenty, and moving packages from door to door – and often beyond, as certain companies you may work for could offer an installation and old goods removal service.

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How do You Become Qualified?

Well, naturally, you’re going to need a driver’s licence – and one that allows you to drive larger vehicles. You might be able to run small vans with a standard driver’s licence, but it pays to get specialist training, as you’ll be able to show flexibility of your company needs something bigger shifting. Aside from that, there’s not much more you’ll need – though experience is everything, and a good local knowledge is a must, especially in cities and towns.

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