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How to Become a Make up Artist

Doris Benitez
Reading time: 3 min

From small salons and department store counters to huge luxury brands and massive movie studios, make-up artists are in high demand for a wide variety of jobs. Even freelancing is a very real prospect in this job, once you get well-known enough for your abilities.

However, it’s not just a case of being good on your own face in front of the mirror; make-up artists often require plenty of training to get to the level they need to make the most from of this highly skilled profession.

Think you’ve got what it takes to become a make-up artist? Let us show you what you can expect from the role, and how to get there!

Job Basics

  • Entry salary: Around £15,000pa
  • Experienced salary: £25,000+pa
  • Average hours: 35-40 (full-time); varied hours (part-time)

What do Make-up Artists do?

  • Apply make-up and hair products to a wide variety of people, often in restricted time frames
  • Maintain looks throughout long shoots, e.g. photography or filming studios
  • Remove make-up safely and effectively, and carefully storing materials for future jobs
  • Research new trends, and the latest ways of applying make-up
  • Occasionally develop a niche ability, applying their abilities to stage make-up or film-quality special effects
  • Advise those recording or photographing their subject as to best approaches

What Qualities Should a Make-up Artist Have?

It goes without saying that you need to have a personal passion for cosmetics. What’s more, it’s a job where every single one of your moves will be scrutinised by both your subject and everyone that sees them, so you have to be able to respond to criticism.

Given the complexity of the job you’re doing, there’s also a good chance a role as a make-up artist will come with long hours, and regularly to tight deadlines. You’ll also be expected to learn quickly, and to your own standards; most people who do this job will be asked to bring their own tools of the trade, so it pays to know what you’re best at using.

It’s also important you have a few traits that are common across most industries. It pays to be capable of working under pressure, and with positivity. What’s more, patience is a virtue, and as with many roles in the field of health and beauty, you’ll be expected to be a great communicator!

How do You Become Qualified?

As it’s a particularly specialised job, there are a remarkable number of courses available that can teach you the tricks of the trade. Whether it’s at a college, specialist beauty academy or a make-up school, you can expect to see helpful courses with names like:

  • Diploma in Media, Theatrical and Special Effects Hair and Make-Up
  • Diploma in Make-Up
  • Beauty, Hairdressing and Media Make-Up
  • Fashion, Media and TV Make-Up and Hair

Of course, you could always enter at the first rung of the ladder and work your way up, but this may take a little longer without the qualifications.

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