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How to Start a Career as an Events Manager

Doris Benitez
Reading time: 3 min

If you enjoy planning parties and putting together events, you likely have what it takes to be an events manager. The job requires a bit more than just being able to throw a party, but there are jobs in events management that enable you to build on that passion and turn it into a career that helps you make a living doing something you enjoy.

Job Basics: 

• Starting: £17,000 to £21,000
• Experienced: £25,000 to £40,000
• Highly Experience: £50,000 to £80,000
• Average number of hours: 40+ hours per week

What’s Involved in This Job?

Overall, your job as an events manager to oversee putting on a given event, from start to finish, including all the planning, execution and renting of equipment. The types of events you’ll manage may vary depending on the company you work for. That might include a company holiday party, a wedding or a trade show. Included in your list of day to day duties are the following:

  • Helping clients decide what they want
  • Using creativity to come up with ideas
  • Forming a timeline and budget with the client
  • Finding suppliers, vendors, and contacts
  • Negotiating prices with the chosen vendors and suppliers
  • Booking equipment, supplies, entertainment and venues
  • Hiring contractors, including security and caterers
  • Advertising the event
  • Oversee everything on the day of the event
  • Making sure that all safety, insurance and health guidelines are followed
  • Managing the team working the event

This isn’t an exhaustive list but gives you a good idea of what you’ll be doing on a regular basis as an events manager.

What Qualities Should You Have?

Obviously, you should enjoy planning events and be good at staying organised. However, to become a events manager, there are some qualities and skills that will come in handy as you look for a job. They include the following:

  • Being an effective multi-tasker
  • Top-notch communication skills
  • Creativity
  • Problem solving
  • Attention to detail
  • Meet tight deadlines and work under pressure
  • Negotiation, sales and marketing skills
  • Awareness of a budget

If these are talents of yours, it makes sense to further explore the path to becoming an events manager.

How Do You Become Qualified?

While you can take college courses in event management, it isn’t a set-in-stone requirement to becoming an events manager. There are entry-level jobs that do not require a formal qualification. Many events managers come from a travel or tourism background or a public relations background. If you’ve ever organised or put on an event, you probably have the basic skills to progress to a paid position. You might consider taking a job as a crew member at a large event, such as a concert or festival so you can get an insider look at everything that goes into successfully putting on an event.

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