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How To Get A Job In Hospitality

Doris Benitez
Reading time: 4 min

We asked some hospitality heroes at the Innovation Exhibition what key things they look for when hiring new hospitality staff.

JOB TODAY set-up a stand in the Coffee Shop Innovation section of the show, but the event also featured exciting businesses who were part of the Restaurant Tech, Bar Tech, Street Food Live and Food Entrepreneur sections.

Scroll down to learn how to get a job in hospitality with advice from 10 hospitality heroes:

Blanco NiƱo (Street Food)



“I look for those with enthusiasm for food and PEOPLE. Because if customers aren’t getting an enjoyable experience they will end up just eating at home next time.”


Kukki (Cocktails)



“Be awesome! I meet candidates, take them out for a drink and if they’re awesome I hire them! Mechanics are tested by fixing cars, cocktail sellers need to be awesome while fixing cocktails.”


Street & Co. Coffee (Baristas)



“You need to be qualified and passionate. I look for candidates with at least a Level 2 City and Guilds Barista Skills certificate. They also need to understand the importance of personal interaction and be able to demonstrate a passion for coffee and customer service.”


My Coffee Station (Festival Stalls)


“Jobseekers need to be flexible and honest. These are the two most important traits when working at festivals and dealing with huge amounts of cash.”


Bonsoy (Baristas)



“For me the most important thing when hiring new staff is finding out whether we will be able to work together as a team. I try to turn the interview into a conversation to help them relax and open up. I think it is important for candidates to do the same, ask the employer questions, create a rapport.”


Sun Wah Foods (Street Food)

how to find a job in hospitality and street food


“To get a job in hospitality candidates need to be bubbly, confident and talkative. Enthusiastic jobseekers will always succeed.”


Magnuson Worldwide (Hotels)



“To work in hotels, jobseekers must come prepared with examples of instances in the past when they’ve excelled in three important skills: customer service, organisation and time management.”


BETRA (British Ethnic Takeaway & Restaurant Alliance)



“Hygiene and safety qualifications show dedication to the sector. It’s also important to have certificates proving eligibility to work.”


The Private Postman (Couriers)



“Potential employees must demonstrate integrity and honesty during an interview. We have a reputation to protect.”


Letterbox Distribution (Couriers)



“Good references really help to show reliability and clarify the experience that jobseekers have gained.”


And now for a little bonus:




Some companies are much harder to impress. For example Cuppanut is a family run business. They only hire people related to Gareth Gates.


Some great advice from the innovation exhibition. Employers love reliable candidates and when it comes to getting a job in hospitality a passion for people is essential.


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