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How to Manage a Job Interview When Ill

Doris Benitez
Reading time: 2 min


Okay, while it’s great that you’re bonding with your interview – try not to get your germs on him! 

What we’re saying is, mate, if you’re sick and have a job worries…STAY AT HOME!

This is what you can do when you have a job interview but are sick.

Postpone Your Job Interview

Hey, you want to make the best first impression possible on your job interview, right? Well, we want that for you!

You know you got this job in the bag – just need to be able to present yourself without the messy sneezing and wheezing!

Just pick up the phone and ring up your hiring manager. Explain your situation. Let them know that you’re super interested in the role but you don’t wish to make anyone sick. Ask them to reschedule at a time convenient to both of you (so you’re fully recovered!).

Sure, you could send an email over – but that phone call will give it a personal touch and score you a few extra brownie points😉

Send a Thank You Note

Speaking of emails 😁

As you have managed to reschedule your job interview due to being sick, it’s time to thank the nice hiring manager for being so understanding. It will show your good manners👼, reflect your appreciation and reconfirm your next job interview appointment.

Who said one stone can’t kill three birds? We’re kidding people. We’re all animal lovers💖here!

Get Better and Recover

My friend, NOTHING is more important than your health!

If it’s a cold you have, stay warm, rest and drink up those fluids. However, if you have something a little bit more serious, don’t hesitate to pop over to the doc’s and get a diagnosis.

The sooner you feel better, the sooner you’ll start your new job after acing that job interview.

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