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How to really love your job

Doris Benitez
Reading time: 3 min

I dare you to stop a suit (that’s a person dressed in a suit) in the street and ask him or her if he or she loves their job. We can all guess that they will probably say no, or say that they don’t have time to answer silly questions… That doesn’t sound like they love their job to me.

Too many people talk about how much they hate their job – in fact, hating your job is a double- edged sword. If you hate what you do then you probably won’t be very good at it. Did you know people that love their jobs are 12% more productive, as opposed to unhappy workers who are 10% less productive.

Not only does it make us better at our jobs, but don’t we ultimately just want to love our job? There are a number of reasons why workers hate their jobs. It could be anything from repetitive tasks to unmanageable workloads.

Many employees have no pride in their work, they just want to finish it or “get it done”, this means they aren’t happy with what they do and are ultimately unfulfilled. Some people went into their roles without thinking about how it work for them and feel like they are stuck, bound by money and loyalty.

love your job

But we have the secret – we know how you can really love your job! Here’s how:

Try to find a job in a field you like.

This is huge – if you work for a corporation that doesn’t fit your world view, it will be difficult to ever feel fulfilled and love your job.

Know yourself

If you know that you aren’t a morning person then don’t try to complete difficult tasks in the morning, save those for when you are at your best and able to do them well.

Manage your time

Be honest about how long you think it will take to get something done well. You don’t want to hand in work that is of a lower standard because of time pressure, this will make you feel unfulfilled and like you are bad at your job.

Take regular breaks

It’s important to take regular breaks, especially if you are working at a computer all day. Your body and mind are under stress and need to chill out for a while. This is the law, so make sure you comply. You do not want to burn yourself out.

Make friends

Enjoying the company of your co-workers makes a massive difference to your daily life. If you can share stories from the “outside world” or chat to them about work in a cooperative manner it will instantly release endorphins. Ahh!

Take criticism

This one is difficult for everyone. But in order to grow in your company and become the best you can be, you need to learn from your peers and take their constructive criticism, or ask them for some.

Stop tangents now

It’s so easy to jump on Facebook and lose an hour following someone else’s boring life. Stop. This kind of behaviour not only makes you mentally unhappy but it also wastes your valuable working time and job social life.

Try to improve your position

No one wants to be stuck at the ground level forever, always work hard to try to get that promotion, without stressing about it. If you put the effort in, it will happen and your job instantly has a goal and a reward.

What are you waiting for? Love your job today!

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