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How You Can Save Money this Christmas

Doris Benitez
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Jingle bells🔔🔔…jingle bells…jingle all the way .. 🎵🎶🎵

Whoo-hoo! The most magical time of the year is here 🙌😁🎉🎉. Twinkling lights✨✨, mince pies at the Christmas markets and the sparkling decor have transformed London into a wintery wonderland⛄️❄️❄️.

save money on christmas london

Worried about breaking the bank 💷 during such a time? No worries, there are a few ways you can save money this Christmas👼and still enjoy that extra gin & tonic🍻

Keep a budget

The trick to managing your finances, whilst being a generous gift-giver, is to not only come up with a budget – but to stick to it. If you’ve never made one before – here are some easy tips to help you budget and save money.

save money this christmas

Think of all the expenses 🎂🎁🎁will have on Christmas. Draft up a list of all your friends and family whom you wish to purchase a gift for and allot an amount. This will help you avoid buying additional presents or other items spontaneously. If you have to travel ✈️🚌🚆home (foreign or within the UK), we recommend that you purchase your ticket a bit in advance.

 Cashback points

Time to check what you can get with all those precious points you’ve saved up on your Tesco ClubCard. Start signing up and gathering cards from brands that offer cashback points. It is never too late to start!

Check out Iceland Bonus Card as it offers a lot of value – especially during Christmas time. Throughout the year, you’ll get £1 for every £20 you upload to the card. However, during this merry season, you’ll get £1 back for every £10 you add to the Iceland Bonus Card. Great way to save money!

Make your own gifts

Nothing is better than a homemade present – it shows the love💖💖, time and effort you poured into it. No store-bought present will exude that warmth.

save money christmas london

So, if you’ve got a bit of a creative soul, we’re sure you’ll come up with some wicked self-made present ideas! Don’t fret, there is a lot of inspiration you can get from the web as there are a bunch of sites to help you out.

Smile, you’re still debt free 😁

Avoid overindulging

We love Christmas treats🍪🍮 🍡 as you! However, there is a way you can still enjoy these yummy treats without completely letting go of your purse strings. Track how much you eat and whether you have guests expected. Stock enough quantity of such food items that you know will be consumed.

We know mate, we know 😱. Those goodies look super-tempting and hard to resist. But, you’re strong 💪🏻and can do it.

Buy items online

Why go to fancy stores and spend a bunch of quid on seriously expensive stuff – when you can get the same things online at a much cheaper rate? Keep an eye out on Amazon for their discounts and deals. You’ll be surprised at the amazing deals you can get your hands on!

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