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How to Start a Career in Sales

Doris Benitez
Reading time: 3 min

Sales is not just a career but a form of building virtues and skills from honesty to confidence.They say education is the key to success but in today’s marketing industry it is the skill that matters more than the educational background and the self-discipline one upholds to be successful.
Almost all companies require salespersons with the many competitive products that come up on a daily basis hence there is always that space for people to advertise their products. A chance for you to become a salesperson is always open.

Here are ways how you can figure out the necessary moves to becoming a salesperson.

Job basics

  • Entry salary: around €20,000pa
  • Experienced salary; €20,000 to €30,000pa
  • Average hours; 35-40(full-time); around 20(part-time)

What do sales persons do?

  • Distribute product samples
  • Convince clients onto purchasing product using persuasive techniques
  • Write up orders for merchandise
  • Travelling to different neighborhoods with the goal of selling a product or merchandise
  • Negotiate prices and create tickets
  • Take payments in any form may it be cash, cheque or credit

What qualities does a salesperson have?

Sales in the marketing industry requires a great number of great skills since sales persons deal with a variety of people from different places. With sales, we get to see how you should be always descriptive and hence have to talk from time to time but the ability to listen is one great attribute, you have to listen to clients to satisfy their needs and get to jot down their grievances.

Sales being a career, at the end of the day you need to put food on the table, therefore, you need to sell beyond the money. In short, your egos need to be fed by good sales numbers. You should also be confident to engage with clients better, always enthusiastic with what they do and also have a networking ability to reach great numbers.

How do you become a qualified salesperson?

Venturing into sales is not all about what you sell or who you sell it to- but how you sell. The most important characteristic to have is integrity so as to not provide incorrect information to the client. Contrary to this, you should always give correct information about merchandise and put the client’s needs before any other obligation you have.

Also as a salesperson, you need to like what you do and most of all have pride in your job. Sales is a profession just like medicine or teaching or any other career there is, therefore put down the notch of having to find titles for your job specifications like sales accountant. A great interest in your job and liking is another factor that counts than the rest naturally falls into place” in logistics can be extremely rewarding because it covers a whole range of different jobs. It involves everything from driving and delivery to positions in IT, accounting, scheduling and management. Some logistics companies are huge international corporations, like DHL. There are also many smaller companies that specialise in niche fields or geographic areas. With e-commerce becoming bigger each day, you will find a career in logistics offers plenty of opportunities to grow and learn.

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