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How to Witness a Miracle

Doris Benitez
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Have YOU ever witnessed a miracle?

Perhaps, your straightened hair remained sleek despite the fact you were hit by a hailstorm on the way to a job interview? Maybe, you watched a jammy mate win nine hands of online poker in a row? Or maybe you actually heard a genuinely good-humoured and humble post-match press conference from José Mourinho?

Some people define ‘miracles’ as events or phenomena that cannot be explained by natural or scientific laws.

England winning the World Cup in 1966… Santa Clause’s flying sleigh… a certain flop-haired businessman being elected President of America…

Trump cat

… But seriously, the ‘miraculous’ instances that go against the accepted laws of science, such as the healing waters of Lourdes or the incorruptibility of Catholic saints’ corpses, are usually attributed to supernatural beings or religious deities.

Another use of the term ‘miracle’ is to describe any kind of positive event that is very unlikely to happen, but is not contrary to the laws of nature.

These one in a million ‘miracles’ could include anything from: winning the lottery or watching a solar eclipse, to bumping into your ex on an exotic beach on the other side of the world. 🏖🙎👀🚶😲👣

Solar Eclipse

So, returning to the question:

Have YOU ever witnessed a miracle?

Cambridge University Professor John Edsensor Littlewood would argue that, statistically, you probably have.

Littlewood defined a miracle as an event of special significance with odds of one in a million, which he claimed a person would experience every 35 days.

Littlewood hypothesised that, while awake and alert, the average person sees or hears one ‘event’ per second. He supposed that most people are alert for around eight hours per day.

Time for the calculator:


60 x 60 x 8 = 28,800 alert seconds per day

If you divide 1 million by the number of ‘alert’ seconds in a day, you find the number of days it takes a person to witness a miracle:

1 million ÷ 28,800 ≈ 35 days

So, according to Littlewood’s Law, the average person experiences a ‘miracle’ every 35 days.

Interestingly, research shows that a typical jobseeker will take 36-40 days to find a job in hospitality or retail.

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