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Interview fail: Sorry, your shop assistant is not available right now

Doris Benitez
Reading time: 3 min

Another epic story from our “interview fail” series. 

Interviewer: Hi Mandy, please do take a seat. Welcome to our store, my name is Anna.

Mandy: Thanks, Anne! (as she scrolls through her phone on Facebook, and it makes a beeping noise)

Interviewer: It’s Anna. Would you mind putting your phone away before we start the interview please? It’s a little distracting. I’m not sure that you will be able to multi-task, it doesn’t seem to me that it helps your concentration spans.

Mandy: Yep (still looking), no worries, I’ll just, put, it (beep, still looking) down, now.

texting shop assistant

Interviewer: Great, thanks! So, let’s get started. What made you want to work as a shop assistant?

Mandy: Well, I love clothes and I need some money for my new phone contract. (still slightly distracted and glancing down at her phone in her pocket every now and again to check it, as the occasional beep rings out). I just have to reply to this.

Interviewer: Ok (annoyed and unconvinced), do you have any sales or customer service experience?

Mandy: Er (still checking), not really. I did work in another shop, a sports shop called Go Go Sports, but I was mostly behind the till. I only had to serve customers every now and again as it wasn’t very busy. (looks straight back down at her phone).

Interviewer: Our store is possibly going to be a little busier than your previous job, and as shop assistant you will be on the shop floor helping out customers and making them feel welcome. Would you be confident that you could do that?

Mandy: Um, sure. But I prefer texting or FB-ing people, but I can talk to people if I have to,

Annette. (checks phone again). I thought it was like assisting people every now and again, when I’m not busy?

Interviewer: Right (angrily), for this entire interview you have been distracted by your phone in your pocket and you haven’t even remembered my name. It’s Anna! Sadly, I don’t think you will be a successful shop assistant, and for you next interview you might consider leaving that addictive machine at home and actually listening to people!

Mandy: Um… (picks up her phone and begins typing at a furious pace, as the beeping starts up again). Rude!

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