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Why Jobseekers Can’t Afford To Live Without Technology

Doris Benitez
Reading time: 4 min

Could you live without technology for a week?

In almost all cases the answer is “probably not.”


Whether you’re addicted to Instagram on your iPhone, love cycling around town on your bike or simply can’t eat a vegetable curry without using a spoon: you are using some form of technology.

Broadly speaking, technology is defined as an entity, or collection of techniques, created to fulfill a human purpose. This definition reveals that even the most self-sufficient, eco-friendly and technophobic people do actually rely on technology in one way or another.

Technological advancements can be bewildering in scale (quantum computing anyone?) and unrelenting in pace (how can my phone be out of date already?). But, generally speaking, they help to move things forward and improve people’s lives.

For instance: when most of us grew up we had to traipse around town to “call for” each of our mates if we wanted to hang out. These days people are more likely to send a selfie over Snapchat and instantly arrange a place to meet.

During the 1920s ‘knocker-uppers’ were employed to hit long sticks on clients’ windows to wake them up in time for work. Now we just hit ‘Snooze’ on our smartphones and blag an extra 10 minutes kip.

Going back further to the Victorian era: those with enough money to spare would cruise the streets on absurd and dangerous large-wheeled bicycles known as penny-farthings. These days the cool kids are floating about on sci-fi self-balancing scooters known as hover boards.

🤖Although, come to think of it, there probably aren’t that many people whose lives have truly been improved by the invention of hover boards! 🤖

On a more serious note: advancements in technology have helped drive communication methods forward rapidly. You can also use technology to teach yourself new skills and learn how to market yourself better digitally.

Just think, less than a hundred years ago our government was using pigeons to transport classified data across the country. Nowadays we have apps such as Whatsapp, which allow for instant messaging with end-to-end encryption.

In just a few generations we’ve gone from fax, to email, to apps.

Apps like Citymapper help people make sense of complicated public transport options. Apps like Tinder help single people find love – or something close to that at least. And apps like Instagram help people show off when they’ve been to a beautiful beach or a trendy restaurant.

Up until recently, one crucial area that was not keeping up with the latest technological advancements was the jobs industry.

How many jobseekers have become disheartened having written a comprehensive CV, printed it off, handed it to a number of businesses and heard nothing back?

And how many employers have bemoaned how long it takes to find a suitable candidate for a position? Bogged down by a stack of CVs, recruitment can be a tiresome procedure.

That’s where JOB TODAY comes in. Our mission is to fix the recruitment industry by taking it into the digital age.

Our app allows jobseekers to create a profile in seconds and – if they’re lucky – find a job in 24 hours.

All you have to do is upload a professional looking picture, list your experience and write a short bio. Then you can scroll though a list of nearby jobs (geolocation👌) and apply to any suitable positions.

If you have any questions regarding the job app, you can contact the employer straight away (instant chat👌). And whether you are successful or not, you are guaranteed a response within 24 hours.

So, going back to my initial question:

Could you live without technology for a week?

“Probably not.”

But the more pertinent question to jobseekers is:

Can you afford to live without technology for a week?

“Definitely not!”