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3 Things that Happen After You Lie on Your CV

Doris Benitez
Reading time: 3 min

Whoops, do you want to be in a situation like in the video? If you don’t speak French, lying on your CV about it will only land you in trouble. Mate, that is something we REALLY don’t want for you! 

We know you’re not one of those three jobseekers who lie on their CVs.

How about focusing on what you can do? Smile😄, you got this in the bag. Don’t worry about those extra skills listed on the job ad. You can always work on developing those additional skills and increase your chances of landing the role by letting your employer know that you’re willing to work super hard to learn💪🏻.

See, lying isn’t going to work in anyone’s favour. Not yours. Not your employer’s.

Here are 3 things that happen after you lie on your CV:

You will learn what a small world 🌍 you live in

Sure, in the days before the internet- it may have been possible to get away with a small lie here and there on one’s resume. But now technology has made it extremely easy to perform background checks, verify credentials and past work experiences.

Not only that, your employer could turn to his network of friends and colleagues to validate your CV claims.

Walk into your job interview like the super-star🌟🌟you are and share the truth on your CV!

You may be shown the door🚪

So, you wrote on your CV that you’re a cocktail magicianImage result for hat with wand emojiand now have been asked to come in to do a trial evening shift by the hiring Bar Manager. It’s the hottest bar in London and you’re dying to grab that gig!

But the truth is that you just recently started experimenting with drinks and are still learning.  Well, my friend, either you do a crash course at a bar academy and invite your friends to test out your cocktail skills – or you tell the Bar Manager the simple truth.

Let the doors open for you. Go you!

You could bid farewell 👋🏻

Great, you get the job.

No probation. No trial shifts. Straight to work you go.

But when you don’t know how to use the cocktail shaker or strain a cocktail, it will raise a few eyebrows. It will be obvious that you embellished your bartending experience – hey, we don’t want you to lose such a brilliant role!

Just be honest from the start so you can learn on the job and not risk being put in a position where not only do you have to resign- but will not be able to ever apply here ever again in the future.

If making a CV from scratch is something you don’t want to do – awesome news, we got your back! Use our super-fun, super-quick JOB TODAY CV template to create your resume in minutes.

Be real, be you! What’s better?

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