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Motivation Motif: If others can do it, you can, too

Doris Benitez
Reading time: 4 min

A lot of things in life can be frustrating, but job search doesn’t have to be one of them. To prove this theory wrong, we have collected plenty of stories from our existing jobseekers, who made it on the app and got hired.

There’s no set recipe to keep on track while looking for a chef job, there’s no determined style for an aspiring hairdresser to keep searching, either. Although it may be hard to stay positive at times, a jobseeker has to set a goal to move forward to. We noticed one main motif among these stories – motivation.

ESTEFANIA, Lettings Negotiator

I got the job being persistent and keeping up the hope and perseverance in trying to find the job. That is the key. Using the right picture can say a lot about you and so can your profile summary – try to be short and precise, Knowing your strengths and weaknesses will get you to your goal.

I remember I was very persistent with the managers that I was chatting with, asking questions showing my interest in the job. I got my first job and one year later the same day I got promoted to a higher rank.

SILVANA, Head Waitress

I downloaded the app and started applying for jobs. I had two interviews lined up the next day, and the day after I accepted an offer. You must be clear in your profile summary about what you are looking for – there is no point wasting time. Know your worth and don’t give up!

JADE-IMANI, Fitness Instructor

It was VERY easy to search for a job! Not only do the categories help but being able to use my location and video interviewing is amazing!
I found an interesting job and applied, got shortlisted and sent my video to them, I got a call the next morning and arranged an interview and got the job the same day!

I love how quick and easy it is to search and apply for jobs and the fact we can now pretty much create a CV on the app. JOB TODAY will continue to be my ‘go to’ app if I’m ever looking for more work/opportunities.

PHIL, Kitchen Porter

I was looking for a restaurant job which the app has quite a few listed in my area. JOB TODAY was so much quicker than going through recruitment agencies – you can be contacted or contact the employers directly. I had seen the app advertised on TV so I thought I’d give it a go.

I created a profile and within 30min I got a message from a restaurant asking if I was still available. We arranged an interview for that same day and I got the job!

GLENN, Marketing Distributor

I am so happy I found the job through JOB TODAY, It’s the best job I have had yet and with the great support and tips through the app, I have been able to make a great first impression. I found the job by searching for one close to my location and while I did apply for several positions to increase my odds, I was quickly shortlisted after.

Personally, I think making a short summary about yourself is great and having a professional and fun looking profile picture already gives you an upper hand. I was invited for an interview the day after I applied for it and I was hired for the job roughly 3 days after I downloaded the app.

For us at JOB TODAY, it’s stories like these that keep us motivated. It makes us believe that there is a purpose to what we do every day – helping people to find their desired jobs. It’s these examples that keep us going, and all we wish is your story to be the next one.