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Pay Satisfaction. Are you getting yours?

Doris Benitez
Reading time: 2 min

All work and no play (insert sad face)

Working for a living, whether you have been in a job for a while, or have just set out on your journey into employment, it is important that you have some level of pay satisfaction. After all, no one wants to slave away for just to receive a Victorian peasants wage. Uh, uh, no way.

Of course, it may be hard to know whether you are being paid fairly, if your skill set, ability, and experience are being properly rewarded through your income. But, if you find yourself sailing miserably along in this boat, don’t worry, because according to research carried out by the search engine Adzuna in 2015, over half of British employees were found to be unsatisfied with their rate of pay.

pay satisfaction 2

Mix it up…

Ask yourself the question; Do I feel pay satisfaction? And, if the answer is no, try to think of how you can change this.

Everyone deserves to be fairly rewarded for the hours they put into their work. So, begin by taking a look your CV, make sure this important document is as good as it can possibly be, because your skill- set and experience will be taken into account when agreeing upon a salary. Secondly, take a stab at conducting your own research, ask friends, bug family, and find out what other companies are paying people in the same position as you to see if your concerns can be validated.

Don’t sweat it…

It is still however, important how that you also take into account whether you are happy in your job. If your job makes you happy, if you wake up and feel good about going to work, then you are lucky. In my experience, actually enjoying what you do is more important. If the pay isn’t all that wonderful at present, well, try not to sweat it. Job satisfaction trumps pay satisfaction, and the latter will come in time.

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