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Doris Benitez
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Worried about Brexit and the widening skills gap in the UK labour market? Well, here’s some fabulous news to brighten your day ☀️☀️😊

We noted that the number of active job-seekers rose by 24% in September 2018 in London.

What’s the reason behind this? It’s all the new kids 👫 on the block who are starting university and hunting ways to earn some extra money on the side whilst they study.

Female students leading the job-hunt🙋🏻🙋🏻

The best part is that 45% of the new signups we received on our hiring app were between the ages of 18-24. Girls are taking the lead as we discovered that the ladies were 52% more active than male students when it came to applying for jobs right up to freshers’ orientation week.

Fresh student year brings fresh jobs📙📗

Not only did we witness a surge in the volume of job applications but also an increase in the number of jobs posted. JOB TODAY experienced a 14% growth from job posters across multiple industries in September alone. High five!

Here are our freshers’ favourite job roles:

  1. Barista +24%
  2. Waiter & Waitress +24%
  3. Kitchen Staff +18%
  4. Cleaning +17%

Students want to develop real life skills Image result for chef emoji💇🏽

We did a bit of research and learnt that you smart cookies want to find jobs that will help you pick up skills that will facilitate your student life. Bravo! Kitchen jobs are the third most popular on the list and cleaning comes fourth. You’re going to learn how to cook some delicious food on your kitchen job!

London is a favourite💖✨

It was observed that London is a top choice amid student job-seekers. Approximately 500 students applied for a Gucci pop up over on Oxford Street, 400 for Mango, and 700 more tried their luck for office roles on Shoreditch and Angel. Hey, we get it! London is such a beautiful, thriving city- who doesn’t love it? We sure do!

Commenting on the new research, our co-founder, Polina Montano, said: “With freshers’ week officially over, it’s not surprising that students are looking for a means to make up for the heavy week of partying that no doubt took a toll on their pockets – we’ve all been there!

The influx of students moving into cities such as London is welcomed in the industry, as these are jobs that offer staff flexibility and they can learn on the go. Our app perfectly meets the demands of the future workforce in being mobile first, so it’s easy to do on the move and connects students with job opportunities in close reach.”

So, as an employer, sleep well tonight as you know there is fresh blood in the London casual employment market, waiting to start their first job with you! Download our app and start chatting with candidates now!

If you’re a student and new to the city – sign up on JOB TODAY to start hunting for your first role as it is a great way to meet new people and to make new friends in your new home!