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Shake it up: Mixologist vs Bartender!

Doris Benitez
Reading time: 3 min

Have you ever wandered into the world’s coolest hipster bar and wondered why the cocktails were so much more expensive than everywhere else on the street and why the bartender refused to make you a mojito? It’s because you were chatting to an expert mixologist. Mixologists are not just any old cocktail- making bartender, they are the best in scientific cocktail-making. Apparently. They sort of study the science of mixing.


Stop laughing. Mixing is actually a very important science. These people have a degrees in mixing, not really. They just think it should take ten times longer to mix ten different liquids and weird herbs together, and charge ten times the amount. Imagine your favorite cocktail, then imagine it infused with 20 other ingredients to finally just taste pure alcohol in a glass, that’s a mixologist’s drink.

So what’s all the fuss about?

In fancy, swanky bars they HAVE to have a mixologist or else their snobby clientele will never come back. We say bring back the bartender! Do you need qualifications to become a mixologist? In our opinion, if you can mix stuff really well and you have a “gist” about mixing, then you could be a mixologist. In Google’s opinion, you have to take a few courses to claim you are a real expert in mixing in order to become a mixologist.

Can you teach yourself?

High flying mixologists claim that you can’t be a “real” mixologist without training. They have likened the job to being a five-star chef (ummm). But it all depends on how you look at it. If you prefer to eat a delicious thrown together taco with a sweet, lime mojito on the side, then you probably think that anyone can teach themselves to make tasty things. And we agree!

Why should you have to go to an expensive culinary school in France or a mixology class in Brooklyn to claim to be the world’s best at something we put in our mouths? The people that don’t need to be taught, are surely the best in the biz! You don’t just stop listening to singers because they haven’t been to voice lessons now do you? If you still want to become an expert mixologist then go for it! Mixing drinks together sounds like a lot of fun. Just make sure whatever you create is worth it, that it tastes good and it makes your lovely customers happy, and a little bit tipsy…

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