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Sport a blue collar and stay forever employed

Doris Benitez
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Change the label

Blue collar jobs can be viewed as ‘lesser jobs’ by those who associate success with raw academia. But, we all know that’s hoopla.

Examples of blue-collar jobs include; a plumber, an electrician, a security guard, a builder, and a garbage collector. But, the stereotype they pertain is a real misrepresentation of what blue-collar jobs entail, and it overlooks the hard fact that people need blue-collar workers. There will always be jobs available for people willing to follow their passions, away from the realms of academia.

blue collar

People like their eggs on their plates and their garbage out front. People like to be taken care of. Fact. And, I suppose, most people’s hectic lives demand this to some degree or another. They need an electrician to fix the light problem in their homes, a plumber to install a new bathroom, and someone willing to collect their rubbish when they put it outside of their house. I doubt people would favour loading their waste into their cars along with their kids on the school run, having to make a quick detour to the dump too.

Blue is the new black

The phrase ‘blue collar jobs’ shouldn’t be associated with any negative connotations because they require hard work, skill and dedication, and can also provide a worker with more day to day freedom. A construction worker can work flexible hours, punch in and out at more freely than an office dweller.

A blue-collar worker can go freelance, set up their own business, and it doesn’t look likely that people will stop offering up money in return for their services. Until human-like robots start sharing our streets, drinking our coffee and wearing our hats, it’s safe to say that, for the foreseeable future, blue-collar workers will have a good level of job security.

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