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6 Things to Not Wear to Your Beautician Job Interview

Doris Benitez
Reading time: 4 min

A big high five to you 🙌!  You’ve cleared the first step and have been short-listed for your beautician interview. Planning your outfit? If you need a little help, we’re here for you.

Here’s what you DON’T wear:

      1.  Killer High Heels👠

Now, when we say killer high heels: we mean ALL high heels! Let’s put those away for a fun, frisky London night outsmiley

As a beautician, you will spend most of your day on your feet. Standing straight for several hours can tire your feet and affect the joints of its bones. You want to let your interviewer know that you’re aware standing for long periods of time is part of the job and you’re sensibly prepared for it.

Now, how can you show that?

All you have to do is wear a pair of stylish yet comfortable shoes to your interview. Pop into your favorite shoe shop down the street and get yourself some clogs or van shoes.


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     2.  Bold Necklines👚

Okay, so you may already know this – but plunging necklines at your beautician interview are a no go!

You deserve to have your interviewer focus all her attention on you and on what you can do, not on what you’re wearing.

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Here’s a little tip just for you: go for a smart printed blouse with a high round neck or a smart button-down shirt for a chic yet professional look.

     3.  Short Skirts

Hey, we skirts as much as you! However, the length of your skirt is something you might want to think about when planning what to wear for your beautician interview.

Got your favourite red mini-skirt in your hand? Why not put that aside and wear it to your best friend’s birthday 🎂party or when you hit the hottest London clubs 💃 this weekend?

Now, take out that adorable knee-length (or over the knee) skirt you have and pair it with a lovely printed top to create the perfect look for yourself. Also, you can never go wrong with black trousers and a smart top!

beautician outfit job today

We know you have an amazing sense of style 😉

     4.  No SuitsImage result for girl emoji

Yes, you read it right: no suits for your beautician interview.

Surprised Image result for surprise emoji?

Wellll, if you actually think about it, being a beautician requires you to stand a lot, bend to get your stuff Image result for hairdresser scissors emoji Image result for hair comb emoji and is generally a Image result for girl standing emoji physical job.

You want to be comfortable, so you can show your magic✨✨✨ to your interviewer. You never know, you might be asked to show off your skills in a hair-dressing test Image result for hairdresser emojior be asked how to do a manicure (given whatever your specialty is).

     5.  Over-Accessorising💍📿 

Sure, you should definitely express your self through your jewellery and accessories- but not at your beautician interview.

Here, go with the saying “less is more” (remember, not for skirt lengths and blouse necklines) and enjoy a minimal look with just a watch, elegant earrings (nothing super dangly!) and a classy ring or two.

     6. Long Nails & Loud Makeup💄

Why do we recommend not having long nails?

As a beautician, your job is hands-on and will require direct contact with your clients. For instance, if you are giving your client a manicure 💅, you do not want your nails to pinch and hurt their skin. Keep your nails short, clean and filed. Go for a clear polish Image result for manicure emojito let your interviewer now you do keep yourself presentable as you appreciate the traits of your trade.

Avoid glaring, bright shades of eyeshadows, dark eyeliners and too much mascara. Of course, don’t go barefaced but highlight your features with minimal makeup. You’re naturally beautiful Image result for makeup emoji!

We hope our tips help you put an awesome outfit together! You’re one step closer to nailing that beautician job! In the meantime, feel free to browse around more beautician jobs to get more interviews. How? All you have to do is download the JOB TODAY app, create your profile and start applying!