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Why I am a born waitress and I love it

Doris Benitez
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It might sound strange, but I have always loved a clean table. Every since I was a young girl I would yelp with fright when I saw a dirty table, whether it was in a restaurant or in my own home.

I am one of six girls, and all of my sisters hated cleaning up after dinner. They would make every excuse to get out of it when it was their turn to wipe the table and clean the dishes, but not me. I would also get a sense of satisfaction when I cleaned the table after dinner., and even take their turns The room would change entirely after I’d cleaned it. It would go from being a horrific mess of room, to a tidy and inviting room again.

For years after school I tried working various jobs, and in every shared house I lived in my housemates would always tell me how good I was at cleaning. I didn’t really take it seriously and was aiming to become a lawyer.

After a few weeks of studying I realised that I needed to get a part time job to pay for my books and lifestyle, so I applied to work in a local restaurant. That was my first job as a waitress and I loved it. I began to lose interest in my studies, although I completed them, I reassessed what I really wanted to do at the end of my course.

Ultimately, I still loved seeing a messy room turn into a beautiful room, and I couldn’t deny that. I loved cleaning tables. And while it has taken me a while to admit it I am now a full-time waitress and I’m not ashamed of my job. I love it!

waitress table

I have a purpose that is simple and clear. I leave behind an inviting room for people to want to eat in, just like I always did after every meal time at home. Maybe some things are just meant to be. And if so, I was meant to be a waitress.

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