You say barista, I say barrister: Lattes or law? Blog Career Advice You say barista, I say barrister: Lattes or law?

You say barista, I say barrister: Lattes or law?

Doris Benitez
Reading time: 2 min

Second episode of our “Interview Fail” series.

Interviewer: Welcome Shane to Summer Cafe, how are you?

Shane: I’m good, thank you, I’m just a bit tired. How are you?

Interviewer: Ah, OK, would you like a cup of coffee or some water before we start?

Shane: Some water would be great thank you, I don’t like coffee.

barista beans

Interviewer pauses and suddenly returns to seat.

Interviewer: I’m sorry, did you say that you don’t like coffee? We are a coffee shop, and specialise in handcrafted coffee. Are you not applying for a role as a barista? Our baristas usually love coffee!

Shane: Erm, yep! It’s a little strange to me that you are coffee house, actually. Is it a problem that I don’t like coffee?

Interviewer: Not exactly. No worries, let’s press on. How many years of experience do you have?

Shane: Well I have just finished my training as a barrister, and am looking to start my first job as soon as possible. I am very professional and persuasive!


Interviewer: Great! (looks slightly confused) We are looking for someone who is enthusiastic and spirited, and persuasive sounds like a great thing to be. The job will involve making specialist coffees on this machine here, but you will also have to serve customers if we get extremely busy.

Shane: Erm… OK! And where will my office be when I’m not on my break and making coffee?

Interviewer: This is your office. At the machine. That’s it, there is no other office.

Shane: The job involves this machine? I have never seen this machine in all of my life. I’m a trained barrister and am here for the barrister job.

Interviewer: This is the barista role. I’m sorry, are you not a barista?

Shane: Yes, but the legal kind…


Interviewer: Do you mean to say that you are a legal barrister, but that you have accidentally come to an interview to become a barista?Do you even know what a barista is?

Shane: Someone who makes coffee?!

Interviewer: I think that marks the end of our interview. Check the job description next time Shane. There’s a real difference between lattes and law.

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