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    Nalia B.NW11, London, England, United KingdomOnline 4 minutes ago

    10 yrs of experience as Chef & CookGoods Office, Department of coffee, Jamie Oliver Barbecoa, Agency - Searcys, Ritz Hotel, Selfridges, The Savoy Hotel

    Three words I would use to describe myself in the work place would be motivated, innovative and visionary, I take a lot of pride in the job I do.

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    Julius D.Tottenham, London, England, United KingdomOnline 58 minutes ago

    1 yrs of experience as Chef & CookPanadera Bakery

    I’m a hard worker who has the passion for cooking and aspires to be a professional chef one day. I hope that the company I join will help me reach this goal as I become part of their team.

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    Juliana R.SW19, London, England, United KingdomOnline 4 hours ago

    2 yrs of experience as Chef & CookCake box, Lola’s Bakery, Pan y Cafe

    I am motivated and enthusiastic. Able to adapt myself to a new environment and turn the changes into opportunities to grow and learn everyday

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    Nicola M.W2, London, England, United KingdomOnline 4 hours ago

    8 yrs of experience as Chef & CookFresco Mercati, Soho house, Franco manca, Happy face, Rossopomodoro UK, Rossopomodoro, Naples, San Carlo 17, Pizzeria Umberto

    Hello there , I'm an italian pizzachef from napoli . I'm willing to relocate

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    Igor M.E14, London, England, United KingdomOnline 4 hours ago

    3 yrs of experience as Chef & CookThe Pizza Room, Pizza Union, FishWorks, F.lli Raffa ,Messina , Italy, Primeria,torre faro, Messina, Pizza’s world , Messina

    PERSONAL PROFILE I'm a twenty-four year old Italian boy with a great desire to grow working with food.My dream has always been to become a chef. I am motivated by the desire to improve myself everyday .

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    Tj M.Hornsey, London, England, United KingdomOnline 8 hours ago

    4 yrs of experience as Chef & CookMiranda Cafe, Camino

    I am motivated both physically and mentally/academically. Currently in higher education and pursuing my hobbies of working out due to previous demands of being a National Taekwondo Player. Approachable and able to adapt in any situation.

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    Daniel S.Forest Hill, LondonOnline 11 hours ago

    2 yrs of experience as Chef & CookCaravan Resturants, Agency Chef

    Professional driver for 20 years. Cook. Barista. Food Safety L2, Health and Safety L2.

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    Rachel F.Mitcham, England, United KingdomOnline 22 hours ago

    3 yrs of experience as Chef & CookLockdown bakary, Wacka espresso, Bababoom, Revolution

    I am a creative, strong minded, hard working person. I have experience working in all different types of job. Using my knowledge I’m able to use my knowledge to apply myself to any work that is necessary and come out of my comfort zone.

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