December 20, 2018

1.1 Terms and conditions: Companies authorised to use JOB TODAY

  • JOB TODAY does not accept adverts from private individuals, including amongst others: domestic service, gardening, DIY, caregiving, etc…
  • JOB TODAY only accepts adverts that stem from physical persons that have a legal capacity to employ someone (freelancers) or legally registered companies, with the following restrictions:
  • JOB TODAY does not accept adverts from the product or service sales sectors that do not stem from legally registered companies with a company registration number and their own website.
  • JOB TODAY does not accept affiliate networks or marketplaces looking to increase their user database.
  • JOB TODAY does not accept companies that require the candidate to make any kind of initial investment, with multi-level sales schemes or companies that encourage self-employment.
  • JOB TODAY does not accept companies whose activities are related to sex, erotisism, fetishism, massage, tarot, betting, keeping company, friendship, drugs or weapons.
  • If we have reasonable doubt about the existence or the nature of a company registered on JOB TODAY, this company will be required to provide proof including amongst others: tax information, website url, collective agreement, etc. The refusal to provide this information by the company or the lack of response to this request will result in the company being banned from JOB TODAY.
  • In the case of a franchise, to avoid too much spam, the user may be required to pinpoint and reveal the physical location of said franchise on JOB TODAY. In addition, the use of multiple profiles (users) by one single company/franchise is subject to JOB TODAY’s approval, who reserve the right to limit or delete the accounts as JOB TODAY deems necessary.
  • If a freelancer is working as homologated staff for one end company, they may be required to provide the Company number of the service company they are representing, as well as their tax information in the profile. The refusal to provide said information will result in the freelancer being banned from JOB TODAY.

1.2 Terms and conditions: Job advert content

  • We do not allow any content that is not related to job adverts on the platform.
  • We do not allow job seekers to post adverts, offering their professional services to companies or individuals.
  • We do not allow jobs to be posted that are unpaid or paid in kind, such as internships without any sort of financial compensation.
  • Duplicate postings: we do not allow multiple postings that contain the same content in the same location.
  • If multiple positions have to be filled, you must post one job per position.
  • The job description must clearly describe the tasks and the job role. JOB TODAY may ask the company to change said description, in the case of refusal or lack of reply, JOB TODAY reserves the right to change or close the job advert.
  • We do not allow the publishing of images of people or situations that may incite, confuse or imply sexual or erotic services (sensual, sensitive, tantric massage, etc…)
  • The job description must not include contact details, such as the physical address, email or telephone number.
  • Job adverts that discriminate on grounds of race, gender, religion, opinion, nationality, disability or any other personal or social circumstance are illegal and may result in the initiation of court proceedings against the job publisher.
  • In any event, JOB TODAY will be able to modify texts and add, change or delete an advert photo at its discretion to improve user experience.
  • JOB TODAY accepts no liability for:
    – the damages caused as a result of the non-compliance of the above-mentioned provisions on the veracity and legality of the adverts published and of their content.
    – the possible damages caused to the users that apply to those jobs.
  • JOB TODAY reserves the right to delete or disable an employer’s account based on content, user complaints, and/or their behaviour towards the candidates, not only on JOB TODAY (on chat) but also outside of the JOB TODAY platform (via phone calls, emails or face-to-face interviews) which reveal:
    • that, in reality, the job tasks do not correspond to the job description
    • that the salary and the working conditions do not correspond to those described to or agreed upon with the candidate
    • that the offer made to the candidate does not correspond to the job advert, resulting in: harassment, dishonest or denigrating offers, as well as the use of offensive and vulgar language or profanities
    • JOB TODAY will not be obliged, in any event, to refund any potential amounts, previously used to pay for a service, if the employer has not respected the above-mentioned content criteria, behavioural requirements, or, in general, all of the above-mentioned in the present legal disclaimer. It is hereby expressly stated that paying for any service does not exempt a user from complying with all measures in this disclaimer.