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4 Awesome Jobs that Require No Experience

Doris Benitez
Reading time: 5 min

Just graduated and looking for jobs that require no experience? Don’t sweat bullets, my friend. We got you covered!

There are plenty of no experience jobs you can apply for and learn directly from the experts.

Here are 4 amazing no experience positions that you absolutely have to try out for:

Delivery Driver

Median Annual Salary: $32,000

Education/technical requirements: High school diploma

Level of experience: Minimal or on-the-job/Driving licence (CDL)

Enjoy cruising down the open road with your favourite songs blasting on the radio as the wind blows fresh air in your face? Then, a delivery driver job may just be your calling.

Help bring a smile to your customer’s face by delivering their package right to their doorstep. As a delivery driver, you’ll enjoy flexibility in your schedule, polish your time management skills and learn to think on your feet.

To launch your career, the only thing you’ll need is a valid CDL driving license and a few skills as a delivery driver. You may receive some professional training to help you plan your routes, manage customers and their packages. You see, no worries, this is a great job that requires no experience! Here’s how you can nail those delivery driver interview questions.

Ready to start that engine? Apply for delivery driver jobs now!

Real Estate Agent

Median annual salary: $49, 438

Education/technical requirements: High school diploma + state agent license

Level of experience: Minimal/no prior experience

Love meeting new people and want to help in making their dreams come true? Then being a real estate broker could be the perfect job for you!

A charming, friendly personality will go a long way in building your career. As you form nurturing relationships with your clients and truly understand their home requirements, you’ll slowly build an effective referral network and have a constant inflow of home-buyers.

To obtain your real estate license, you’ll have to take a 75 hour course and then clear the state course. Simultaneously, a real estate agency has to sponsor you as well. You can read this link to get more information on how to become a real estate agent. Whilst this is a job that requires no experience, you still have to work hard to obtain your real estate qualification.

You got this! Why not check out some real estate jobs now?


Median annual salary: $44,177

Education/technical requirements: no qualification/bartending certification

Level of experience: On-the-job training

Great news! Here’s a fun job that requires no experience: bartending! You can be a bartender with or without a bartending diploma in the Big Apple. Any catch? None at all! Just make sure you’re at least 18 years old as that is the law in this great city. If you’re interested in obtaining a bartending certification, take a look at the top 3 bartending schools in New York.

By the end of your on-the-job training, you’ll be a cocktail connoisseur. Once you master the art of bartending, you can make some serious bucks. You’ll get to explore your creative side by mixing/blending new drinks, choose your own flexible shifts and meet different people. At the same time, you’ll be responsible for monitoring your customers’ alcohol consumption levels and making sure things still in control in your bar. Hey, there are quite a few perks to being a bartender.

Ready for some responsibility? We know you are! Here are our latest bartending jobs – just for you!

Customer Service

Median annual salary: $39, 503

Education/technical requirements: high school diploma

Level of experience: On-the-job training

Do you like to simply help people? If you have great communication skills and a knack for problem-solving, then customer service may be the perfect job for you!

Today, customer service is not just answering a few questions on the phone. It’s a complex mix of guidance and interaction with your customers via a series of channels such as social media, online messaging, email and live chats.

Whilst a whole bunch of skills are important to succeed in a customer service job, we feel the following three are what will set you apart in your customer service job interview:

  • an incredible memory
  • empathy towards your client and
  • the ability to remain patient and calm under due stress.

Want to master the art of customer service? Take a look at our top customer service jobs.

My friend, there are plenty of jobs that require no experience. If you’re on the JOB TODAY website, just click on the filter “No experience” jobs. Immediately, you’ll see countless of job ads that require no prior work experience and you can search through to see what catches your interest.

Best of luck! You are going to kick some serious butt in your job interview 🙂

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