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How to Nail Those Driver Interview Questions

Doris Benitez
Reading time: 4 min

Nervous about your delivery driver interview?

Don’t be! Just spend a couple of minutes with us and you’re going to nail all your interview questions.

First thing: what do you wear? Go smart casual☺️Put on your favourite trousers and pair it with a collared, full-sleeve shirt. Don’t forget to press both clothing items the night before, so you are not in a rush the next morning!

Now, let’s get to the main part: interview questions 

1.    Tell me about yourself 

Yes, we know – this is a super popular question. But you know what? It’s your chance to really talk yourself up 🎉 and highlight your delivery driver skills.

Share your past and current work experience. If you have worked as a driver  before, do stress on that as you will get a leg up on your competition.

You can discuss your other hobbies but remember to keep it short and sweet. Talk about your love for fishing – but do try to relate it to a skill or a requirement of the job you are up for.

For instance, fishing requires you to sit and wait till you hook a catch. Tell your hiring manager how fishing has increased your patience level and you don’t get worked up as you wait out heavy traffic but remain calm.

Show that you’re a reliable person whom your interview can trust to do the job!

2.    Why do you want to be a delivery driver?

Now, have a think about this interview question.

Is it the open road? The fresh breezethat you get to enjoy? The ability to explore new places  as you drive around to deliver your packages?

Whatever the reason may be, don’t forget to mention that you like meeting new people and working in a dynamic environment.

As a delivery driver, you get to do both!

3.    Why should you be hired as our delivery driver?

Wait, let’s take a second look at that job description. You need to let your hiring manager know that you rock all those listed skills!

Of course, every job description is unique to its requirements. But some things remain common. For instance, does the role need someone who can speak well with colleagues and clients? That means someone with good communication skills is required. If you have past experience handling this, now is the time to bring it up.

As a delivery driver, sometimes you may have to collect fees and process it on an order tablet. Drop in how much you love working with technology and are afast learner.

4.    How many years of driving experience do you have?

A little tip: always be honest 👼 about your driving experience. Keep your New York driving license on hand, if in case your interviewer wishes to see it or make a copy for his own records.

5.    Do you have your own  or ?

No car? No worries, there are plenty of delivery driver jobs available on JOB TODAY that will provide company vehicles.

Remember, you can always tell your interviewer that you can borrow a family member’s car or bike.

6.    Do you own a GPS system?

Hey, a GPS system is super-convenient! If you have one, say yes. However, if not, clearly you have a brilliant sense of direction and are good at finding your way around.

And that’s what you tell your hiring manager.

At the end, don’t forget to ask a few interview questions of your own. Ask what your hours would be, whether you will receive training and whom you might be reporting too.

It shows you’re interested and will also give you all the information you need to nail the interview!

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