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Why Now is a Super Time to be a Casual Job/Blue Collar Worker

Doris Benitez
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Now is an incredible time to be a casual job or a blue collar worker in New York City as countless casual jobs and blue collar opportunities are opening up. The construction and manufacturing industries hold special promise for aspiring souls such as yourselves. It has been forecasted that the local construction sector will increase its employment base by 12% by 2026. 

Additionally, a study conducted by Deloitte predicts that approximately 2.4 million manufacturing jobs would be available by 2028. With a shrinking supply of talented labour due to baby boomers retiring, technology shifts and changing perceptions of the casual job sphere – wages, training and growth options are increasing significantly. Some of these are paying higher than the conventional white-collar job. With such top paying jobs, you’re definitely going to live the good life as a New Yorker.

You can benefit from this potential gold mine by simply being at least 17 years old and possessing a high school diploma. No outstanding student loans nor Ivy League degrees are required. Not only that, here are a few more reasons you should consider riding this wave of prospective success:

Develop new skills

Taking on a casual job/blue collar role will impart you with some serious skills. You’ll get your work ethic on as you’ll enjoy the fruits of a hard day’s work and look forward to repeating that feeling of satisfaction. Apart from that, you’ll polish your communication skills and learn how to operate as part of a team. Multi-tasking will come to you naturally as you race against time to complete several tasks efficiently. Whether you become a coffee connoisseur, serve customers with a smile and ring up their bills, you’ll be a working superstar!

Such transferable skills will aid you in your long-term career goals and grant you a head-start on other people your own age.

Get your foot in the door

As a first-time job hunter, there are plenty of jobs that require no experience. You can apply for such no experience jobs and get your foot in the door. It will help in opening future career possibilities for you as you’ll gain much needed experience and get on-the-job training. 

Work-life balance

As a casual job or blue collar employee, you can exert some control over your own schedule. Got morning classes as a college student? Set evening shifts. Need your week free and only want to bus tables during the weekend? All yours for the taking. 

This level of increased flexibility has encouraged a high proportion of millennials to choose blue-collar roles over the traditional office-based ones. Valuing a positive work-life balance, these individuals tend to be loyal to the job, not to the company. 

No student loans

Sure- obtaining a full college experience is great. However, that is going to cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars and have you paying exorbitant fees for a long time to come. You’ll find that most of your earnings will be directed towards the loan reimbursement. Not only that, you’ll lose out the chance of earning money and learning life skills for four whole years as university will drain all of your time. 

Having said that, a college education is a great investment in your future. However, times are changing as technology has evolved to create innovative positions that have more attainable prerequisites. Consider enrolling in a trade school that you’ll complete in less than two years and pay a third (of college fees) as tuition. You’ll get authentic guidance from industry experts, hone your skill set and complete your studies faster -mostly debt-free.

If you’re ready to start your New York adventure, just download the JOB TODAY app and apply for dozens of casual jobs/blue collar roles on the go!

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